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Honor 60 Pro

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Selfie 50MP? Yet 4000mah?

The regular Honor 60 has a larger battery. Pretty weird if you ask me

[deleted post]Its not the final specs... I read the Pro will have stereo speaker... Final specs will be out today.... Wait for it!!!

  • Nick

Hard to believe Honor 60 pro will be almost identical with Honor 50 pro!!! Total failure, if this is going to be the case

captain fokou, 29 Nov 2021First it's not designed by huawei (probably) and secon... moreThough honor is independent now, they still borrow some stuff from huawei such and the design, also i think that the finish an curved edges are beautiful

Luckycorn, 28 Nov 2021100% disagree, huawei (which designs honor phones) makes ea... moreFirst it's not designed by huawei (probably) and secondly, it's not that beautiful

msd313, 28 Nov 2021One of the ugliest design.. 100% disagree, huawei (which designs honor phones) makes easily the best designed smartphones and this is no exception

The UW will be 50mp

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021It should be like this Resolution 1644x3840 pixels ... moreYour prefences are interesting except the heater inside it ( SD888 is great heater)

  • msd313

One of the ugliest design..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021It should be like this Resolution 1644x3840 pixels ... moreLemme fix it:
- Best chip ever put in a effing MIDRANGER
- Stick PC RAM and a M.2 SSD in there somehow
- Put two main cameras
- Invent a new resolution (no, wait, two)
- Force Sony/Samsung/OmniVision/whoever to invent DSLR quality selfie cameras for a MIDRANGER
- Last but not least, insert a battery pack into the phone.

After that, you'll complain the phone is too thick. Of course it is, they put a damn laptop in there.

JFK, 27 Nov 2021look how far huawei have fallen .. camera is shitty same wi... moreYou're joking right? This isn't Huawei. Want the best Huawei phone then look at the P50 Pro.

No stereo?

  • JFK

look how far huawei have fallen .. camera is shitty same with honor 50 and nova 9 108 is only a fcking gimmick quality is just bad trash 8mp ultrawide not even lossless zoom!!!!! i fcking swear its really sad to see how huawei became a shitty company . they used to make quality phones up until nova 7 after that pretty much they released are phones with mediocre to bad camera performance

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2021Rebranded from Nova 9 pro....100W...4000 Nova 9...66W..... moreWell, good morning. Whole purpose od Honor brand and separating it from Huawei is to offer Huawei devices with Google Play Services. When buying Honor device, you're actually buying Huawei device with different logo on the back, nothing else.

Markans, 27 Nov 2021You know what ... I have Honor 20 Pro Android 11 then Harmo... moreYou're right. The honor v30pro and honor 30pro are great phones and a big improvement on the honor 20 pro but the 50 series and 60 series are downgrades apart from the screens

  • Deedan

With the 4000AmH... This ain't a good battery life android phone
Huawei got a do better

  • Anonymous

Rebranded from

Nova 9 pro....100W...4000
Nova 9...66W...4300


  • Aki mobile baz

The average phone that will be introduced in 2021 does not fit the name p60 at all

  • Turboivan

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2021With this battery the phone is dead, + missing SD card, 3.5... moreTrue,brother For me is stupid idea Honnor 60, or pro ,😒👎