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Hi guys how can I please use the infrared on my honor 6+ on my Tv

  • Mr.Chong

AnonD-194251, 08 Mar 2016My honor 6 plus pe-tl10(5.1.1) which i updated from pe-tl10... moreMay I know how to change build number

  • Anonymous

How to update my mobile in honor 6+

  • Pablo

dual sim aktiv

  • siddique

rj, 11 Apr 2019plz i need help.my pe tl 20 has a software issue.when i swi... moreyou need to reinstall the flash

  • rj

plz i need help.my pe tl 20 has a software issue.when i switched on it shows fastboot lock.plz help me

  • Anonymous

How do you wipe the Honor 6 plus? Please someone to help

  • Anonymous

AnonD-391857, 01 Jan 2018Same here.. I use "double click to wake up" from the phone... morei have the same problem do u have any solution for it ?

  • AnonD-391857

Same here..
I use "double click to wake up" from the phone settings >>" smart assistance" option, the "double click" to put to sleep option of the Nova launcher premium, and finally the "button savior" program to reboot the device from.

  • Go

The model going end to add

  • marang prapu

Khailen, 28 Dec 2016No u stupid honor 6 plus is better in Gaming znd durabil... moreThis model too old

  • Anonymous

Unable to search phone book containing text.
Image captured in the camera does not load quickly.

  • Riz

what date the update release??? i cant wait

  • jithin

bibuna.pop, 09 Sep 2017How I update my honor 6 plus to lolipopupdate manually from the honor web site.


  • bibuna.pop

Jon of Huawei concep, 10 Feb 2017Yes U must downgrade to lollipop like mine.. it's pretty go... moreHow I update my honor 6 plus to lolipop

  • pradeep

Was it volte or lte?????

  • Anonymous

Any idea when will honor 6 plus get Nought update with EMUI 5.0??

  • dude

how to arranged Nano SIM card setting in Honor 6 Plus mobile....

  • Yacine

I have a problem in my power boutton. it does't work . What's the solution please ?

  • shiva

Hello every one does Honor 6 plus support VoLTE ? Do you have any idea ? Please reply