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Good day people
Guys please I need a solution to this.
My honor 7 screen got damaged and I went to fix it,after fixing it,I used it for 2 days,the battery went low last night and I decided to put it on charge but now all it does is display the first charging bar, instead of charging,it goes blank and let's out a vibration then displaydisplay the Huawei logo as though you're turning the phone on,then it keeps looping the Huawei logo after it let's out a vibration with the charger plugged in,once I remove the charger it stops,,if I plug the charger back in,it continues the same thing.

    My Honor 7 displays 64GB Rom 4GB ram in tge system settings but when i checked device spec with CPU Z,it displayed 3GB ram 16GB rom,is there a way to set that right?
    And i wanna root my device as well,anybody has any idea how to do it?

      • H
      • Honor
      • 0xZ
      • 13 Nov 2023

      Great phone. Bought it in 2015 and used it until 2021. Just changed the battery once. Recently I installed Lineage OS with android 7 to it just for fun ( last official update was android 6), works much smoother now without all the google nonsense and bloatware.

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        • Anonymous
        • HBe
        • 22 Jun 2023

        Best phone I ever had. But now, in 2023, I have to buy another one as it is having some problems.

          The Camera and The FingerPrint Size Was Calling Me To Hold and Touch It. It Was Way Too Big Size But Basic Quality Of Camera Quality, That's Sad.

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            • Anonymous
            • r6p
            • 06 Nov 2022

            Good design and greatest functions

              • X
              • Xdxdcccc
              • Hkn
              • 07 Apr 2022

              So hard to find cheapest price of cover armor case in this honor 7 model in PH🇵🇭 😞

                • F
                • Flozzy
                • XBJ
                • 31 Mar 2022

                How can i get honor 7?

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                  • Honor Believer
                  • bJb
                  • 23 Mar 2021

                  I take great care in the software side of the phone to maximize its usability. Almost every preinstalled app either uninstalled or disabled (if not uninstallable).

                  I use the Ignore Optimization setting to only allow apps I need to run in the background to run like WhatsApp. Also use the Phone Manager app to make sure apps are closed once you clear apps from the Recently Used Apps page - using the same app, I also disabled background data usage on apps that don't need it to squeeze out even more battery life.

                  This thing after 5 years still runs reliably well I can usually get 3-4-ish hours of video playback. It can last 12 hours typically if you're just using it as an instant messaging device with some light internet surfing. Best thing is the quick charge, if you can get a hold of a quick charge charger this thing charges real quick when you need some battery life pronto. Even if you can't, the default charger still charges at 1% per minute but when the battery is at 80% it charges 1/3rd the speed from 80 - 100. Personally, 80 is more than enough given how long the battery lasts with Honor's superb app killing prowess.

                  This thing is strong too, I have dropped it many times on tile floors/roads from a half a metre to a metre away from the ground and the screen does not break. I don't even have a screen protector or a case on because I trust it so much.

                  2021 and it's still going strong. The only reason I'd buy another phone is when WhatsApp uses up all 16GB of my storage space.

                    • S
                    • Sami
                    • uZa
                    • 15 Mar 2021

                    Need huawei honor 7 Plk-L01 touch

                      • Z
                      • Zutekheed
                      • XBA
                      • 31 Jan 2021

                      Throwbck, 28 Nov 2020I am using honer 7 but it doesn't have enough space fo... moreSorry you bought the refurbished

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                        • RD
                        • nyh
                        • 15 Dec 2020

                        I still us this phone since september 2016
                        Battery changed 2019 spring. The same behavior had, went blank on 30-35% battery.
                        It supports QuickCharge 2.0 (9V/1.67A) and works well with wall charger or car charger.

                        A am dual sim active simultaneously. 4-5h screen on time. No use of fB, insta, snapshat.
                        I replaced Emui launcher with Nova for better look/utility like google launcher.
                        The phone still works well but having 3-4 banking apps and some social media realtime communication, plus the smartwatch app makes it lagging.

                        The usb otg is very handy when you wish to transfer data on USB stick/cardreader
                        With a flex pcb nanosim adapter i can use 2 sims and 128GB card (yes the second nanosim is external stitched on the back with double tape). This comes because 16Gb space is too small when you wish to do a lot of things with the phone.

                        Huawei/Honor has a bad habit of aggressive closing apps you need to be active (to increase the battery life), the worst impact being on Whatsapp which does not get notification (often) in backround. There is a workaround for this (flag the app as sound system).

                        I just ordered Huawei P30 Pro 256/8Gb. I hope this will be enough for other 4-5 years or even more.

                          • T
                          • Throwbck
                          • r3a
                          • 28 Nov 2020

                          I am using honer 7 but it doesn't have enough space for apps and videos,but in the settings it shows 4Gb ram and 54 Gb rom but it doesn't have space,and is in the settings is different from what the phone is

                            • L
                            • Luckson
                            • f0N
                            • 25 Nov 2020

                            It is a good phone, however the charging system is the main user problem

                              • K
                              • King of Love
                              • 0wq
                              • 15 Oct 2020

                              ive had this phone since last year arrn end Decmbr 2019 an it has been the greatest experience of my life but the battery thing doesnt push too hard kkkk.....recently m havin this prob that WLAN and BLUETOOTH wont turn on and yu cant connect to a wifi or hotspot and same to the bluetooth thing....

                              i wish i can get help guys i don wanna lose my phone..anyone

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • rRU
                                • 11 Jul 2020

                                luffy, 12 Jun 2020does pubg work on this deviceYes, Call Of Duty Mobile can so I'm guessing pubg will also.

                                  • L
                                  • Lex
                                  • r3a
                                  • 29 Jun 2020

                                  This phones next gen!

                                    • F
                                    • Freddie
                                    • 39y
                                    • 22 Jun 2020

                                    Wish I could still buy this phone from Huawei. It is the perfect size for me

                                      • l
                                      • luffy
                                      • YPe
                                      • 12 Jun 2020

                                      does pubg work on this device

                                        • J
                                        • Jimmy
                                        • 00c
                                        • 11 Apr 2020

                                        I have honor 7 ( PLK-L01 ) since march 2016 and it stil runs fine. The emui is truly great compared to other phones, even to huawei and lite versions of honor! The camera ui is one of a kind ( i captured a lighting with the graffiti light mode, while a friend of mine with xiaomi Mi9t doesn't have that option) . Ir blaster, expandable memory, dual flash and smart key altogether, are features that i have seen only on tcl plex. The only thing missing is the nfc, but i can live without it. Indeed i had the same with the battery -the phone powered off at 38% - but i replaced and now is fine. True, the divice heats up a lot when gaming, but its not a gaming phone i would say.
                                        In conclusion it's a great all around and practical phone for daily use, with a great camera in this range (single camera, released 2015).