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Honor 9 Lite

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  • Milan

its good but need better camera.

  • nickgur

I've been using this phone since may 2018 and for the most part it's been running well. 3 years later i've experienced a lot of lag and freezes. I'm switching to a vivo x60 5g (indian variant) and hopefully it lasts longer than this phone. it was good for its time, but emui isn't all that great and the features are quite lackluster now.

  • Vikash Dhiman

This is my 3rd honor phone. I am using this phone since Feb 2018 and it is working as smooth as it was 3yrs back.
Never had any issue. This is truely a master piece. I will never sell it out.

I've been using this phone since 2018 and it still works perfectly fine. Never had any massive error or so. This is the bests phone i ever had, and the battery health is just fine :)

  • Hamm

I've been using it for about 3 years now upgraded to Samsung s9 then downgraded to this masterpiece I never sold and still use it as my daily driver for primary use it's the best phone I've ever used everything about it is just perfect and am not planning to let go of it even in the next 3 years
I wish Huawei bring in another masterpiece like this one with the newest specs and the same compact design I would probably buy it any day

  • RogMur

My Honor 9 Lite (Sapphire Blue)
Has NFC and also a Radio, which works with Ear Buds.
It is also a fantastic Phone. : )

  • dcp

My honor 9 lite has nfc. This phone is 100% brilliant

  • JrC

TLN, 02 Feb 2021My Honor 9 Lite has NFC !Me too

  • TLN

My Honor 9 Lite has NFC !

@Huawei, please make the upgrade of this phone with the same footprint (compact design) and the Kirin 990. I'll save my money to buy that. I prefer this compact and beautifully crafted phone like this Honor 9 lite

  • Anonymous

Dual 4??

Bakoel, 08 Jul 2020This is a phone with superb camera in low price. Try to exp... moreYess and so many features of the camera make me happy. Use it as primary alongside iPhone X as secondary phone :D

  • Wong

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020Got this phone in 2018. 2 years of casual use. No regret. ... moreSo do I.

  • Anonymous

Sagar, 11 Aug 2020Is it waterproof mobileDid this guy fr ask if a 150-200 € phone is waterproof? XDDD

  • Wong

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2020Got this phone in 2018. 2 years of casual use. No regret. ... moreSo do I.

  • Anonymous

This was the first phone i bought myself, and I have used it for just over 2 years now. I'm now replacing it with the Pixel 4a as it has become really laggy and I have a cracked screen, but I have no complaints because it was a great phone especially for the price. I spent about £120 on it and it gave me features that i would have expected to see in the £200-300 bracket. It doesn't get past Android 9, which is another reason for me getting a new phone. I would recommend it if you are not bothered about getting the latest software updates.

  • WHO am I

Killer, 03 Oct 2020Burnnnn it Preinstalled apps or not? Some app isn’t work well after updated. So may be the problem isn’t the phone but the application itself. You can try to restart your phone and make sure your internal memory is not full or at least 20% of it’s true capacity.

  • GP Finance

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020bought this phone (32gb rom, 3gb ram) in 2018 and used it e... moreYou need to replace it battery

  • Anonymous

bought this phone (32gb rom, 3gb ram) in 2018 and used it everyday till now... phone was okay in the beginning, but it's quite laggy now. What made things worse was that the back panel of my phone is starting to lift and pull apart from the main body... don't think it can last as long as i hoped, but i'm still going to use it for probably a couple more months till i switch to a new phone.

  • Chaminda Sam

Hi all,
I'm using this phone since February 2018. I'm using external 16GB microsd memory card. I need to upgrade it.
So what is the maximum memory card capacity which i can use this phone without harming the speed of the phone?
My phone model LLD-L31
ROM - 32GB RAM - 3GB.

Thank u.