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I received the new update I am very happy

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    • whitehart
    • Sc8
    • 22 Feb 2024

    So far - overall very good device, perfect cameras, screen and speakers, but poor update policy. Still on Android 13, December security patch. Even some midrangers already have Android 14, but Honor are very slow.

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      • Anonymous
      • MNv
      • 09 Feb 2024

      Me, 14 Jan 2024i had the same problem with mine, i had the volume up on my... moreThis helped so much. thanks . also, magic5 pro is a killer for the price. hoping Honor delivers magicOS 8.0 no time.

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        • Anonymous
        • m{4
        • 06 Feb 2024

        ben, 06 Feb 2024Hello, please help, send a link of a product that is best t... moreHello, try some glass with liquid glue.

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          • ben
          • y6V
          • 06 Feb 2024

          Hello, please help, send a link of a product that is best tempered glass for my Honor Magic5 Pro, I don't want to rely on hydrogel, I want a shield that my phone deserves. Thank you

            This is probably the screen protection on honor magic 5 pro: https://www.schott.com/en-gb/expertise/materials/aluminosilicate-glass?selected=footer-accordion-produits

              There are "Question and Answer" on Honor website, one of it response from Honor is the "aluminosilicate glass"

                • w
                • whitehart
                • Sc8
                • 02 Feb 2024

                sthardpro, 01 Feb 2024Hello ! what is the front glass protection ? corning gorill... moreNon specified

                  Hello ! what is the front glass protection ? corning gorilla ? victus ??? thanx !

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                    • Whitehart
                    • B0@
                    • 28 Jan 2024

                    Anonymous, 28 Jan 2024Please help me... What is the maximum shutter speed in seco... more30 seconds

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                      • Anonymous
                      • nw0
                      • 28 Jan 2024

                      Please help me... What is the maximum shutter speed in seconds supported by the Honor Magic5 Pro? I Know Magic5 lite only allow 8 seconds. Can anyone answer this? Thank You.

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                        • orgazmatron
                        • LxE
                        • 18 Jan 2024

                        Akashbaggie, 26 Dec 2023I have had this devic for about 4 months now and I had a Sa... moreI fully agree and endorse this mini review. I've had the Oppo Find X6 Pro and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra also, and if I had to compare all three of them, I would easily pick the Honor Magic, as the best "All Round" device, period!

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                          • Me
                          • MNv
                          • 14 Jan 2024

                          Hidzer, 14 Dec 2023My experiences when I switched from Samsung S22U 512 GB but... morei had the same problem with mine, i had the volume up on my honor, but i didnt had my volume up on the tws . So i tried to up the volume trought the earphone and worked perfectly. Volume is loud, rich , and punchy with Enco X2 .

                            Dissapointin Glass, 28 Dec 2023The Phones specs is good and it runs fast. But the Glass qu... moreThe build quality is perfect, and you are quite clumsy holding a phone.

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                              • pane
                              • gKC
                              • 05 Jan 2024

                              Dissapointin Glass, 28 Dec 2023The Phones specs is good and it runs fast. But the Glass qu... moreyour speech is funny, you dropped your phone and hit some kind of floor, concrete? on asphalt? where on the carpet? if you don't understand, try hitting various surfaces and maybe it will become clear to you, even then the angle at which you hit objects is important, you can break them from 30 cm and from 1 meter without consequences, say you are angry at your clumsiness cos your comment is irrelevant.

                                Gv, 24 Sep 2023Premium phone. Has Huawei DNA. Nice photos, good battery li... moreHuawei dna? Hmmmm. But it's not Huawei.

                                  Mahi aslam, 23 Nov 2023Which one to get ? This or Pixel 8 pro. Price is same here,... moreIf you like big bro, you have your choice.

                                    Zoltan, 02 Dec 2023Hi there. I had a Magic 4 pro for few days but I sold it be... moreOr maybe you are not good enough?

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                                      • Need 2 know now
                                      • ntN
                                      • 31 Dec 2023

                                      Notafanboy-Fanboy, 22 Aug 2023Received it a few minutes later ... 😊👏Hey miss notafanboy fanboy u going to answer or what?????

                                      What is ur review about this phone u use?? How do u like it so far??

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                                        • Dissapointin Glass
                                        • d@b
                                        • 28 Dec 2023

                                        The Phones specs is good and it runs fast. But the Glass quality is dissapointing. I have had it fir 6 months now and since i got it i have had a shockproof cover on it. So a couple of weeks ago it drops out of my Jacket on the floor, no big deal. Happened with other phones like Iphone and Huawei too, never a thing. Without cover and display protection. And i thought here too, untill i removed the cover to clean. Then i see the Glass under the camera broke. Since its always covered I didnt bother. And now the other day it dropped on the floor again, reminder with a shickproof cover on. And this time upper right corner glass broke again. Thats like really trashlike quality. All I can say is this is a big dealbraker to me. Never getting a Honor again and writing here to make people aware of the low quality glass so they thubk twice before they decide ti get a Honor. Nowadays we have our phones either in our hands or pockets all the time and the phones tend to drop amd they need to be tough. And flagships usually are resistant to these little drops, especially if they vot a shockproof cover + display protection. Overall the phone camera, battery and performance are great, and if u set up ecerything alright, there is no battery drsinage or overheating issues. But the build quality well, its an important thing aswell. Even if the warranty repairs it still, getting all this fixed now os a big hassle and not worth it if u buy a flagship phone which always of course costs more. Just wanted to share this information so people think twice before they buy this phone. Because for me now because of this is a big dissapointment.