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joe nodden, 12 Jan 2024Depth sensors are not necessary in the slightest. And yeah,... moreOk so you don't take selfies, then you are the type of person for whom an UDC would be ideal. But everyone else that actually takes selfies, which is the people who I refer to, not TikTokers, but people like me, would much rather have a better selfie cam, but as a punchole, rather than an UDC with crappy quality. It's simple

    Europe release date ??

      PanRT, 11 Jan 2024Oppo find X7 Ultra Is better than Magic6 Pro..It's also a lot more expensive.

        Does the Honor Magic6 Pro have a built-in screen recorder that records video calls with sound on both sides? Because that's what I'm also looking for in a phone.

          haha looks like 5600mAh and 5400mAh will be the new norm now at least to these Chinese companies ...bye bye 5000 mAh

            haha looks like 5600mAh will be the new norm now ...bye bye 5000 mAh

              THIS PHONE IS BEYOND RIDICULOUS. 180 MP (periscope telephoto) AND 5000 nits (peak) ... not only can it capture moon photos in great details but can also travel with it to the sun ...

                Z, 11 Jan 202413 lite's second front was used for depth, it is ToF a... moreMore convenient than the fingers you already have on the phone, eh? Don't recall a fingerprint sensor ever losing functionality in the dark. What? Now are you gonna claim to wear gloves all the time? Masks exist if you wanna go there.

                  David 040882, 11 Jan 2024Yeah well, a depth sensor does help. It's not there wi... moreDepth sensors are not necessary in the slightest. And yeah, I would much rather have an under-display camera than a hole in my display? I don't take selfies. Who are you referring to when you say "anyone that actually needs/uses the selfie cam"? TikTokers? So nobody? I mean these are people who use the front camera when they have a vastly higher quality rear camera, yet all of the sudden they care about quality when it comes to this? Where's the logic?

                    Mobilemaster, 11 Jan 2024But the point is digital zoom is not as good as optical zoo... moreDid you even read what I said?

                      In 2020 Honor 30 pro has 8 MP, (Periscope)OIS, 5x optical zoom.. And now in 2024 magic 6 pro with 180Mp "mega lies" is just with 2.5x optical zoom 👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿 stupid,

                        Good value for the money 🤘🏻

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                          • X5u
                          • 11 Jan 2024

                          Bruh 5000nits.. and that 180mp periscope if true should be 6x optical, if not there's no point, what's a 2.5x?

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                            • rVg
                            • 11 Jan 2024

                            That screen is very bright! I think putting AI aside, the brightness wars are underway! It won't be long before there's a screen as bright as the sun!

                              PanRT, 11 Jan 2024Oppo Is more better than Magic6 Pro.Yes, but the OPPO is not going to leave China and this one is

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                                • SA466
                                • HJG
                                • 11 Jan 2024

                                Ok, it was kinda obvious it wouldn't be a 10x Phone, but I do feel like putting a 2.5x lens even with 180 MP camera, as the only telephoto is a bit weird in a current flagship, I mean, the main camera has 2x lossless zoom (yes, only pixelwise, I know) and should give you pictures that aren't noticaby lower quality. I think it makes more sense to choose a longer focal length and sacrifice sensor size a bit, I think their previous strategy of a 3.5x zoom was better (thought I don't know what sensor size the Magic 5 Pro had. Was it a big 1/1.56"?)

                                  TheTechGuy5, 11 Jan 2024But the fact that the 2.5x periscope zoom lens is 180 mp is... moreI absolutely agree with you! This could at least have a 4x zoom! The non Pro version also has a 2.5x zoom, so what is the point of making 2 separate phones with the same zoom?

                                    Mobilemaster, 11 Jan 2024But the point is digital zoom is not as good as optical zoo... moreBut the fact that the 2.5x periscope zoom lens is 180 mp is still ridiculous.

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                                      • nS$
                                      • 11 Jan 2024

                                      Telephoto periscope camera and just 2.5x zoom....is that a joke. The vanilla magic 6 starts to sound to be the better option

                                        Anonymous, 11 Jan 2024Where are you getting 10x from? It's a 180MP 2.5x unit.This is what GSMArena said before the official announcement.