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  • Kiwi
  • nDC
  • 02 May 2020

Hi !
If you can choose between mi mix 3 an honor magic 2 which one you would choose ?
Knowing that I do some gaming and watch YouTube or write massages?
I don't use the selfie camera very often.

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    • idexample
    • StU
    • 11 Apr 2020

    Nashan, 06 Nov 2019Sry dude.it doesn't support nm card like mate 20 Hi, you can always plug a card reader OTG, there are plenty to choose, USB 2 or 3, PD or a simple little one.

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      • Darren198712
      • 32E
      • 11 Nov 2019

      I have the phone from release. Overall a good phone but I'm slowly disliking emui restrictions/battery optimisation

      Screen to body ratio
      Very fast phone no major slow down in performance
      40w fast charger compared to other slider phones

      Lots of cons but don't be put off if it does not apply to you

      EMUI restrictions. They have a assistace called yoyo. You can disable it but you can't change it to Google assistance

      Notifications on certain apps won't work such as
      Ubell (smart door bell)
      Yoosee (CCTV camera notifications)
      I think this is down to the battery optimisation or down to the app developer

      Most banks like HSBC Barclays or Lloyds TSB will not work with Google pay but you can apply for a Monzo account and Google pay works with that.

      Camera quality is good but could be better but I'm being picky

      After moving from a iphone. The iPhone end to call also locks the screen on this phone if you end the call with the power button it won't lock the screen so I end up pocket dialing a lot of people


      Overall I am still very happy with the phone but I don't think my next phone will be a Huawei due to Google play services.

        Anonymous, 14 Mar 2019You are wrong about the SD card slot. The Honor Magic 2 and... moreSry dude.it doesn't support nm card like mate 20

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          • S M
          • 8vx
          • 16 Oct 2019

          dude 2 months ago i bought this for 380 US$ directly from china. i think it's worth the money if u like sliders.

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            • Anonymous
            • dQ5
            • 12 Sep 2019

            to decrease the price they should make it with Kirin 810 chipset

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              • Anonymous
              • 8vQ
              • 10 Sep 2019

              the price must drop more
              who gonna buy this with freaky slider just for selfie
              a less people go for this

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                • Akarh
                • 6p}
                • 27 Jul 2019

                Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is good phone

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                  • Joe
                  • q}E
                  • 27 Jul 2019

                  Tonker, 18 Mar 2019This should be the best phone right now. Full bezeless amol... moreIt's a good phone but at that price range there's better value.

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                    • ghost
                    • B@d
                    • 28 Apr 2019

                    it has a 95% screen to body raio

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                      • Tonker
                      • tZj
                      • 18 Mar 2019

                      This should be the best phone right now. Full bezeless amoled screen, high end chipset, lengthy battery life with superfast charging, excellent camera back and front, dual 4g, and latest ui & software.

                      Posting this on a magic 2.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • a0s
                        • 14 Mar 2019

                        Kami, 10 Nov 2018Fantastic - But NO good ! Dual SIM very good, but not if o... moreYou have misunderstood this phone. It has a Nano Memory card slot.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • a0s
                          • 14 Mar 2019

                          calvin, 27 Nov 2018is it nano sd but not micro sd?Yes, it has a Nano Memory card slot. No problem with this phone on the expandable storage.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • a0s
                            • 14 Mar 2019

                            Anonymous, 15 Jan 2019Of course no SD no 3.5mm Otherwise, how they will sell the... moreYou are wrong about the SD card slot. The Honor Magic 2 and Magic 2 3D have a NM (Nano Memory) card slot like the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. GSMArena just forgot to mention it for some weird reason.

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                              • Densebj
                              • fu%
                              • 07 Mar 2019

                              Does it accept english language or its only Japanees?

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                                • Erol Paez
                                • vx6
                                • 27 Feb 2019

                                When this device will be released on Philippines? I'm waiting to get one of this device !!!!please provide me some information where I can buy this online???

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                                  • snpg
                                  • B{w
                                  • 13 Feb 2019

                                  SwanseaNerd, 12 Feb 2019Great! Thanks for the comments. So does the lack of Band 20... moreNo negative impact of not having LTE Band 20. I get a strong 4G signal. I think O2 (inc. GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile) is the only network that relies on Band 20 for it's 4G signal. I think you're wise to wait until MWC as there are so many new phones expected to be announced.

                                    snpg, 08 Feb 2019I am in the UK and bought this phone from Wondamobile. The... moreGreat! Thanks for the comments. So does the lack of Band 20 LTE have any negative impact? I might wait to see what else appears at MWC in a couple of weeks, but otherwise it looks as though I'm sold on the Magic 2. Appreciate the tips. Cheers.

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                                      • snpg
                                      • amf
                                      • 08 Feb 2019

                                      SwanseaNerd, 29 Jan 2019Are there any compromises to be aware of, using a phone wit... moreI am in the UK and bought this phone from Wondamobile. They are a great company, never had any issues. Not had any issues so the phone so far. The phone came set up for the UK and had Google Play Store installed and open ready to put in login details. They also left the Huawei AppGallery app open so you could see where to download the Google Play Store in case you decide to reset the phone. There weren't that many Chinese apps installed and you can uninstall them. There are a few Chinese characters on the keyboard, but I just installed the Google Keyboard. Don't use the Music app that is installed as it's really just a store. It doesn't have LTE Band 20 which is used by a lot of UK networks, so make sure you check first (I use mine on Plusnet which uses the EE network). Get yourself a screen protector as there isn't one included. I also find the in-display fingerprint reader and Face ID really quick.

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                                        • Abhishek das
                                        • gM{
                                        • 06 Feb 2019

                                        Don't know release date in India... Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 & this magic 2...waiting to get one... But no proper release date in India.. But y?
                                        Do you have any idea...