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  • Ab33203
  • 6uf
  • 28 Feb 2024

ryu, 20 Feb 2024what type of h/p that can stand long about the heated issues.Sorry i didn't get you

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    • ryu
    • tV3
    • 20 Feb 2024

    Ab33203, 11 Feb 2024The phone is amazing so far except for some minor issues li... morewhat type of h/p that can stand long about the heated issues.

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      • Ab33203
      • S1X
      • 11 Feb 2024

      The phone is amazing so far except for some minor issues like software lagging some times

      The only major issue I'm facing is how heated this thing gets once you play a heavy game for a long time.

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        • DVSeal
        • mF2
        • 04 Feb 2024

        Almar, 02 Feb 2024This phone is late in many countries we reserved it just no... moreThis is probably the first foldable I would actually consider buying if I was currently looking for a new phone. I could care less about not having 8gen3. Gen 2 is still more than enough for absolutely any use case I'd ever need and then some. My current phone is with a SD888. I have never in the past 2 years thought to myself "I wish my phone was faster" even though this SoC is far from perfect.

        The Magic V2 is the only foldable that actually nails the design, proportions and ergonomics of a foldable phone that don't make it look gimmicky. Beyond that it also comes with an actual innovation in battery technology, decent cameras, doesn't look and feel like two slab phones stacked on top of each other when folded and if I get it with contract renewal where I live, it costs about the same as an iPhone 15 pro max 512gb. A tad less actually. That is still very expensive but considering it is a foldable device you could almost call it affordable.

        The only other foldable I'd get over this would be the Mate X5 since it's very similar to this one with the same silicon carbon battery and ergonomics but with added better cameras, water resistance and wireless charging. It is, however, not available globally and it is eyewateringly more expensive.

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          • NLB
          • hyn
          • 02 Feb 2024

          I really like this device and saw it before in Asia but the price they where asking where 2000 US dollars and I find it too expensive. No wireless charging is fine but no dust/water protection worries me somehow. Water you can handle but dus not really. Also the price in Germany is now 2000 euro almost but you can get a discount so you pay 1700 euro.

          No then i really buy another brand with better camera as well, wireless charging and more for a few hundred euro cheaper ,even a samsung is fold 4 1129 euro so if honor wanted to be flamming they should sell it for around 1249,00-1299,00 and that seems more reasonable.

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            • Almar
            • 3YH
            • 02 Feb 2024

            This phone is late in many countries we reserved it just now and it's still pre order. The problem is the phone now comes old. Now the phones come with Snapdragon Gen 3. No on will bye phone with Snapdragon Gen 2 in this price

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              • Anonymous
              • 3SI
              • 31 Jan 2024

              I wonder if normal bar phone could also be just under 5mm thin. I know the thinnest popular phone ever was the Vivo X5Max at 5.1mm, but that seems to have been a one off and I haven't seen any phones break the 6mm barrier since. And nowadays, in the age of 5000mAh batteries, even anything under 7mm has become rare.

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                • Anonymous
                • uHV
                • 29 Jan 2024

                Anonymous, 26 Jan 2024That price is steep and doesn't have anything special.... moreas fragile as your file? lol

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                  • Woody2024
                  • m5X
                  • 28 Jan 2024

                  I bought one from Wonda mobile about a month ago fantastic service arrived from china within 2 days check them out,ask them to install GSM services play store and remove Chinese bloatware,got rid of most paid £1185 for 512gb model.
                  Phone is fantastic who cares re wireless charging.
                  They send a 66w charger,brilliant.
                  They now ship Global version about £1200.
                  Some nice deals now on Honor uk site about £1300 with deals.
                  Go for it you won’t be disappointed and at less then 10mm thick,no brainier.

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                    • Missing core specs
                    • 7M@
                    • 26 Jan 2024

                    £1700 and no IP rating and no GG protection and no wireless charging...(gsmarena)
                    Shocking for £1700

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 6kY
                      • 26 Jan 2024

                      That price is steep and doesn't have anything special.
                      Both screens are fragile as fk.

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                        • Viavoice
                        • mAH
                        • 05 Jan 2024

                        Darth Caesium, 05 Jan 2024Still waiting for them to review this phone. GSMArena, you&... moreThey are not allowed by honor to release a review before the announcement of the non-chinese version. It will be announced within weeks...

                          Still waiting for them to review this phone. GSMArena, you've taken way too long to give us a proper review, especially after having previewed the device.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 83y
                            • 04 Jan 2024

                            there is nothing about water resistance !
                            also with that price its really weird that there is no support for wireless charging

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                              • Anonymous
                              • nD{
                              • 01 Jan 2024

                              Anonymous, 26 Oct 2023Typing on it right now and it's awesome. As of the tim... moreIncluding android auto?

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                                • Ali2020
                                • K@X
                                • 17 Dec 2023

                                Can someone here clarify, on gsmarena this phone doesn't come with Dolby Vision but the magic VS2 does. To me this sounds like a mistake as the V2 is the flagship model. If this phone really doesn't come with Dolby Vision I would like to know why did Honor decide to go this route

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • k3I
                                  • 08 Dec 2023

                                  Patric, 18 Nov 2023Rather wait to buy a new phone. I need SD card. So we will ... moreNo.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • HK0
                                    • 03 Dec 2023

                                    Patric, 18 Nov 2023Rather wait to buy a new phone. I need SD card. So we will ... moreHuawei x3

                                      Km , 05 Nov 2023How did you get the Google play store. I can't install... moreGo to YouTube and write - how to install Google play honor magic v2

                                        Rather wait to buy a new phone. I need SD card. So we will see when a flagship will be able to have one