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  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 18 Aug 2019I really, really praying for a Note 11 please Huawei. But next ... moreWell I think the most answer about mate 30X will be this news too. Because there's no leaks, reveal and info for any mate 30X. Even mate Porsche Design also no info too, and will likely the similar this news too. They have only left with mate 30, 30 pro and 30 5G. But I'm not sure about the mate 30X officially news yet.

  • Anonymous

230g is heavy, i have other phone with 215g, but this is another level

  • Yronk

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019i haven't updated the note 10 since i got the phone 10 months ag... moreIts not gonna wipe ur data..but ur phone will lose the ability to run 3rd party launcher...I use default launcher now sad.,

  • Honor Note 10 owner

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019Hey, Note 10's users, I need your help! This phone has absolu... morewell,

if my phone got broken anytime withing 2019, i will buy another one without a second thought.

well I'm a multimedia user " youtube, music and mainly watching vid and browsing".
the battery is awesome + Dual speakers are perfect "loud and clear" with AMOLED display.

the recording Video mic is the only problem with this phone but " with aftermarket audio recorder, you will be surprised with audio recording quality.

updates are coming every 2 months i guess " i'm not updating regularly"

no lags. no software jam no issue at all.

with 400 USD, you can't find a competitor.
I can't help you with ROM questions coz I have no clue about it

hope my feedback is helpful.

Thank you

I really, really praying for a Note 11 please Huawei.
But next year hmmm

  • Ioannis

Hi, can someone please verify that it has radio fm?

  • Cronoterra

I accidentally dropped my Honor Note 10 yesterday(of about 80 cm of height) and found out that the glass are quite sturdy when it comes to vibration and the thing we should care about more are scratches. It can however also depend on how you managed to "accidentally" drop it like the angles, curbs etc.. . But one thing for sure; it won't get cracked from simple drops. Mine survived that impact with only a tiniest of scratch on the side and are barely noticeable. ALWAYS PUT ON YOUR CASE!

  • Anonymous

Lily, 26 Jul 2019Got mine arrived yesterday, super phone, fast, loud great speake... morenever drop it on ground
glass behind it too breaky even with corning gorila glass 6

  • Neil

I think next note would be next year 2020
every 2 years one note device comes, so there's no note this year.

  • Steffan

I'm very proud owner of Honor Note 10 for more then a year and I'm completely sure that I'll buy Honor Note 20 - I mean next generation of this device! So Huawei/Honor come on! We're waiting for you!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019i haven't updated the note 10 since i got the phone 10 months ag... moreNo, i updated my honor 9 lite and no data was lost during the process

  • Ahuher

Honor 9x is announced but there's still nothing about honor note 11. Why is taking so long?, Also no 9x max yet.

  • Lily

Got mine arrived yesterday, super phone, fast, loud great speaker, even the camera is great too, but suprise of how heavy the phone is, can't even imagine if i accidentally drop it, will the screen break, even the phone back is made from shiny glass which is easy to break, so i wonder if anyone knows if the phone use gorilla glass or not to protect the screen?

  • Anonymous

uvr2000, 25 May 2019Already updated to android 9 (12 May 2019 Ukraine)i haven't updated the note 10 since i got the phone 10 months ago as I have been warned not to.

will updating it to 9.0 wipe out all the data on my phone?

  • Cronoterra

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2019Hey, Note 10's users, I need your help! This phone has absolu... moreNo Global ROM is without a doubt can be problematic if you want to have a clean UI experience. But it won't bother your daily usages on the phone, at least for me. Only several features that Honor only want to be 'only usable in China' are kinda "locked" from us. So to answer your question;

1) Not at all.
2) Not that often after all the problems with US, but should be back to normal now. So far I've received 3 updates and EMUI 9.1 would likely around August.
3) Not really. It still works blazingly fast and I still haven't experienced any lags, only a small stutters when playing heavy games on heavy network use and I think it's a network problem rather than the phone itself. For me the only problem is that video recording quality is kind of mid-tier and the mic lacks treble, but took suprisingly flagship-level pictures with the dual AI camera even at low light so it's not a dealbreaker for a multimedia user like me.
4) Yes. I'd recommend it. The Kirin970 may be a bit behind now but as I stated above, I still haven't experienced any lags whatsoever on this phone. If you want big Immersive with dual stereo speaker, Dolby Atmos-enhanced, NO notches and worth the money, then this phone is for you. The only worthy competitor to this phone are the MiMax 3 and the Mate 20x but the MiMax3 lacks processing power, stereo speakers, Dolby and AMOLED while Mate 20x are notched, not to mention the stereo speakers are actually 20% louder at the bottom which are a big dealbreaker for me as they will reduce the sound immersion when watching videos. I won't say the Galaxy Note and One plus 7pro as a valid competitor cos were talking about price tag and a 7-inch phab here which exclusively only on those 3.

I hope this answer all your questions and doubts. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Hey, Note 10's users, I need your help!

This phone has absolutely everything that I need in one handset, but the lack of global ROM and the problem that Huawei/Honor had with U.S goverment desencouraged me on to buy It. I see the new releases, and no phone still can be compared to Honor Note 10, in its price.

So, Let's to the questions:

1) Is the lack of global ROM a bad thing at all?

2) How often does Huawei send updates to this phone?

3) Has it any problem?

4) Do you still recommend this phone nowadays?


  • Architect

no lte band 28 = no buy

  • Amy.s

Anyone now if huawei will make an updated version of this phone?. The honor note 10 was announced on July 2018, I hope they make one with better cameras and with headphone jack.

  • Ali2020

With which phone can I compare the cameras of this phone?.
I know the Huawei nova 3 and nova 4.

  • Cronoterra

I'm looking forward on Honor to release global ROM for this phone. soon. The turbo button can do lots of other things but only will be possible with the global ROM.