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Well, they probably did this to focus on their normal number series
Or are they just scared of the number 4?

    Ravikumar, 19 May 2021For mediatek CPU, PowerVR GPU is superb combo, dont know wh... morehell nah mediatek and powervr does not go well😭😭😭😭
    that depends on what they choose. ge8320 is absolute dogsh*t

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      • The Albion
      • pJy
      • 13 Sep 2021

      This phone was never released, all of you read the specs page on this site.!!

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        • Aarus chaudhary
        • 73@
        • 07 Jun 2021


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          • Ravikumar
          • Hkv
          • 19 May 2021

          For mediatek CPU, PowerVR GPU is superb combo, dont know why they're using Mali GPU.

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            • Anonymous
            • LH6
            • 06 May 2021

            Not gonna lie why does this phone look so Huawei, like still 90% of the P40 is here.
            I mean this is a good thing, and I hope Huawei still secretly develops Honor phones.

              Vekisha, 20 Apr 2021so it has google services? omg read the spec sheet

                so it has google services?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 3vW
                  • 18 Apr 2021

                  beep bop boop, 23 Mar 2021how is the camera?No tests yet, but it's to be expected that the main cam will shoot clear photos with good image quality, barely any artifacts and good colours as well as exposure. Bokeh shots might be good as well.

                  Autofocus with HDR might be slow, but overall good.

                  Stabilization will be mediocre most likely.

                  Videos will have good audio and good quality with the main cam, but most likely 4K at 30FPS(?).

                  Zoom is probably not that good. It will shoot okay 2x digital zoom photos. The ultrawide will also deliver cheapish shots. Close ups will be good though thanks to the main cam (macro lens is probably useless here).

                  So overall good for casual use. But nothing if you need zoom or like to use ultrawide.

                    RishiGuru, 21 Feb 2021I say, life without Google Services is not all that bad aft... morehow is the camera?

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                      • sS%
                      • 03 Mar 2021

                      Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021There is nothing special about Stock Android & nothing ... morei personally like how stock android looks but less features held me back

                        It has a small battery but otherwise this phone is a beauty

                          A, 08 Feb 2021It has google play services??I think it does. Because if you look it up, Huawei recently sold the Honor brand to another Chinese company. So they no longer have the restrictions and that is probably why they are using a Mediatek chipset. Instead of one made by Huawei.

                            Kosova, 24 Feb 2021And you should learn how to spell.Lmao, shhhhh

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                              • Kosova
                              • n5i
                              • 24 Feb 2021

                              Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021Because some people go off and just buy phones without look... moreAnd you should learn how to spell.

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                                • HDJ
                                • 22 Feb 2021

                                Ade M, 16 Feb 2021When you see a phone with a 2M Macro camera you know its go... moreBecause some people go off and just buy phones without looking at riviews or anything and make stupid mistakes

                                  A, 08 Feb 2021It has google play services??I say, life without Google Services is not all that bad after all. But I admit you need to make minor compromises.

                                  I recently switched to a Honor 9X Pro (6/256GB, Global variant) as they were selling very cheap during stock clearance in my country. After the US trade ban, Huawei/ Honor is unable to add GMS and subsequently Google Playstore in their software. Hence 9X Pro is devoid of GMS is solely reliant on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). I was very skeptical before & during the purchase of 9X Pro how I will be able to use this device as it lacks GMS.

                                  Now I can safely say I can live with it. Inbuilt Huawei AppGallery and authentic Amazon AppStore fulfills 70% of my app needs in this phone. For the rest 30% I get it from ApkPure app store. In this phone I have completely switched to Microsoft Cloud based eco-system. I trust it. Believe me when I say Microsoft eco system is damn good on Android. Just never used it before as I was so accustomed to the Google ecosystem on Android. In my eyes Microsoft is the saving grace on non GMS Android phones.

                                  Other than the software situation, 9X Pro just obliterates my Poco M2 Pro/ Redmi Note 9 Pro in hardware section, performance & product quality. The M2 Pro (6/128 GB) retails for ₹16K in my country while 9X Pro (6/256 GB) comes for ₹14K. You also get 10% card discounts over them, time to time, bringing the price down to ₹12.75K ($170/€156) in case of 9X Pro.

                                  So on 9X Pro I do not get GMS, but the software is rock stable. Everything works as planned. The overall experience of using Huawei's EMUI on Android 9 is superior to Xiaomi's MIUI running on Android 10. Strange but true. EMUI have a level of finesse & immediacy in software which I have not found in any other Chinese brands. In the end I love 9X Pro more than my M2 Pro.

                                  HiSilicon Kirin 810 SoC in 9X Pro is on another level to Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G found in my M2 Pro. Using both phones side my side you will feel the difference in the fluidity of the UI, be it CPU oriented tasks or pure gaming. Gaming is awesome on 9X Pro, just look at the scores.

                                  AnTuTu (v8) Scores by GSMArena:

                                  Honor 9X Pro (Kirin 810): 312668
                                  Realme 7 (Mediatek G95): 292828
                                  Poco X3 (Snapdragon 732G): 283750
                                  Redmi Note 9 Pro/ Poco M2 Pro (Snapdragon 720G): 279625

                                  I underestimated Honor 9X Pro as it came devoid of GMS and thought it will be unusable as I am a Google junkie. However after receiving the phone it took me just 3 days to figure out all the alternatives. It is true GMS is still better than HMS by a huge margin, but Amazon App Store & APKPure saves it and I get 90% of all my apps I need.

                                  Huawei knew they are going to face a hurricane without Google support, so prepared a double edged sword (Honor 9X Pro) with a level of construction quality, display quality, SoC, performance, storage size unheard in its sub $200 price range. It is a pity that many (previously, me included) did not realize its potential, but those (now, me included) who used it knows how great the phone is. This is why 9X Pro is now my primary device.

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                                    • Ade M
                                    • 3Hv
                                    • 16 Feb 2021

                                    When you see a phone with a 2M Macro camera you know its gonna be shit.
                                    Why do they fit these useless cameras, with horrible image quality?

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                                      • Razvy
                                      • nFa
                                      • 12 Feb 2021

                                      A, 08 Feb 2021It has google play services??We will found out that when it will be available.
                                      But Anyway, GMS can be installed on any mobile phone... And anyway, you don't need that crap called GMS...

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                                        • Razvy
                                        • nFa
                                        • 12 Feb 2021

                                        Anonymous, 05 Feb 2021why not dedicated memory card slot?Because Huawei don't use it, and because 256GB is more than enough for every normal person...