Honor X9 5G

Honor X9 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • xjH
  • 18 Apr 2024

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2024This phone is not a 5gIn my country 5G is doing great

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    • Amuku Abdul Rashid
    • xjH
    • 18 Apr 2024

    Dis phone is nice and lovely beautiful honor x9 5G too fast super great 5G his doing great in my country

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      • Anonymous
      • Dkc
      • 03 Apr 2024

      This phone is not a 5g

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        • Rajan19
        • fFC
        • 05 Oct 2023

        Been using since April 2022, this fon is worth the money spent, nice camera, fast charge.. Highly recommend it..

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          • RAMA
          • ibg
          • 13 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 25 Jul 2023I have not got any update yet. What country are you in?India have srivice centre

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            • DZ-24705
            • 6c2
            • 30 Aug 2023

            Got the phone on launch and still using today. Things I have to say about it.

            - It's a great phone if you are the type to use it as a daily driver with mediocre use. Fast 66W charging out the box, 120hz display, mediocre UI, BT 5.2(?), somewhat supports Qualcomm audio thing(used one tws that showed up with it), great phone design, large screen and a slightly large chin, customizable themes (not the best if you are trying to make one possible)

            - Not so great camera (lacks the stabilization part) , processor chip (actually ok if not used heavily), decent battery (not so great when longterm gaming), no headphone jack (replaced with the type-C to 3.5mm jack dongle), NO micro SD card (got the 256/8 ain't bad), notif vibration is mediocre (ain't got no keyboard vib), IPS LCD, Peak brightness (not the best on a very sunny outdoor, still relatively bright in the dark, eye comfort looks like poss, side mounted fingerprint scanner (not a bad one considering it's fast but it sometimes fails), mono speaker (ain't the best boom sounding but still loud for me), mediocre AUDIO, Android 11 (got the And13 and not much different), polycarbonate body (mine is dirty and it can't be cleaned or fixed)

            Overall... It's ok

            Still use it to this day as a secondary light use device.

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              • Anonymous
              • asn
              • 25 Jul 2023

              Honor Guy, 10 Jul 2023A major changes after updated to Mgaic OS 7.1 and android 1... moreI have not got any update yet.
              What country are you in?

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                • Honor Guy
                • KRW
                • 10 Jul 2023

                A major changes after updated to Mgaic OS 7.1 and android 13.Performance became more smooth and a lot new improvement make its a good phone for me.

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                  • Not good
                  • aw4
                  • 27 Jun 2023

                  I bought honor X9 in 11/01/2023 and it has lasted only months now working.
                  From no where it just went off.
                  So on my side honor X9 is not good

                    Just 21 euros more and you can get Samsung A34. Avoid buying Chinese mid-range phones like this.

                      • Glen
                      • KZK
                      • 13 Jun 2023

                      Anonymous, 01 Jun 2023Hi... I understand that this phone is shipped with Android ... moreAndroid 13/MagicOS 7.1 is already seeding to Honor X9 5G. I saw people post about it in a private Honor group on Facebook. Kind of surprising too because Honor decided to skip Android 12.

                      I assume you already have yours now?

                      I'm still waiting the update too, for my Honor X9 4G.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • ucy
                        • 01 Jun 2023

                        Hi... I understand that this phone is shipped with Android 11... does anyone know if it can recive any updates to Android 11 or even 12?

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                          • Tan user
                          • tVt
                          • 30 Mar 2023

                          i bought tis just for mobile legend bang bang
                          noting else.
                          really say this phone sux, dont buy.
                          go for better vivo t1 5g
                          this phone sux camera, sux dont have android 12 till now.
                          sux no amoled screen, bodu easy scatch, bad speaker...

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                            • anwar iberahim
                            • uC4
                            • 20 Feb 2023

                            Eric, 18 Jan 2023Can I know why my handphone Bluetooth can't connect to... moreu need to reset ur car radio.
                            then should be fine.

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                              • Saheel
                              • Na0
                              • 18 Feb 2023

                              Why gyroscope doesn't not work??

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                                • Nickky
                                • pKy
                                • 30 Jan 2023

                                How to turn on Wifi Callibg on HONOR X9 5G

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                                  • Eric
                                  • IVF
                                  • 18 Jan 2023

                                  Can I know why my handphone Bluetooth can't connect to my car Bluetooth? My car is Bezza and year maker is 2018.

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                                    • Sui
                                    • XDt
                                    • 15 Jan 2023

                                    Ahmed s, 05 Jan 2023Can i use wired earphones with type c You can. In the box the manufacturers provide a small wire to let u use it

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                                      • Ahmed s
                                      • Ne4
                                      • 05 Jan 2023

                                      Can i use wired earphones with type c

                                        Bro , 27 Dec 2022Bro wtf Most of UW lenses aren't that good, also isn&... morebro you dont realise that ultrawide lens is important? its 2022 not 2018, its a MUST for phones at this price to have it.