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  • Ir blaster x work.
  • YUU
  • 20 Mar 2023

Why my honor x9a got infared port ir blaster. But cannot used smart remote control app??? Keep pop up saying dont have ir blaster?? So Confused. Any body got the same issue??

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    • Anonymous
    • tZ4
    • 20 Mar 2023

    Who will buy a phone with 2 years support when other manufacturer provided 3 to 5 years?

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      • EqZ
      • 17 Mar 2023

      Does the dual app / app clone function still limits to social/ messaging apps only? Thanks

        Jeke23, 15 Jan 2023Just because you buy dogshit SD cards from no name manufact... morei strongly agreed with your statement. i have used a 16gb sandisk from 2015 and it didnt fail on me though, its not the SDXC type but SDHC. just need an sd card upgrade to 128gb. would buy sandisk again. its really robust and reliable as always. upgrading a phone to flagship is rather difficult. most of them got no sd card. sony phones? too expensive.

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          • Tenshi2386
          • DxW
          • 12 Mar 2023

          I have this phone and it's great. What I like the most is the display and curve screen, it's very stunning & premium looking. I'm a bit disappointed with the camera at first because it lacks saturation, but when I downloaded Gcam, the photos are very sharp in detailed. I hope the camera can be improved with future updates. Just use Gcam if you're not satisfied with the cam. Low light shots are ugly. Again, just use Gcam for it. The selfie cam is okay, I kinda like it because your face is not too beautify just like vivo and oppo phones. Their selfie cameras are not realistic, but this one You look like You. Battery life is okay, 33 hours total used and 11 hrs screen on time. This phone is not for hardcore gaming. Just for light gaming. I'm also disappointed that for the price it has no special functions like anti-theft and anti peeping just like infinix and tecno phones and they're even cheaper :-( Also, if you charged it to 100%, I noticed that it won't automatically disconnect just like the infinix & tecno phones. I'm 70% satisfied and just bought it for only $263. Anyway, this is a secondary phone. I have other phone called Tecno Camon 18 premier and the camera is way good than this.

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            • Shasanth Moothedath
            • S1X
            • 05 Mar 2023

            I am one of the people who had bought a honor 8 once and was really happy about it. And Now After many years I bought the honor. Why did I buy the honor despite being a ardent supporter of Apple iPhone. I feel Apple is not doing anything remarkable post the Steve Jobs Era. But buying honor x9a was a tough choice, but a leap of chance too. I bought a pre order version.

            It's been 2 weeks now, I had never had the phone die on me. Well that I wouldn't have noticed anyway. But yesterday I had the task of being the photographer for our club meeting. Both my cameras were not available and I decided to shoot with the phone.

            After 3 hours of on and off shooting video and photo nothing much had happened in the battery zone. To that I was surprised. What do we here in the form of x9a I think honor has really made something massive.

            For this budget if I ask for a better camera and stabilization system, maybe they would throw a rock but still that's all I can wish for.

              No one must buy this phone, first off it launches with Android 12 and not 13. Also no news on when Android 13 can be expected. Phone comes with November 2022 security patch and is only going to get quarterly security patches, if any.

              Also in my country where I got this phone there are no 3rd party cover options so you're stuck with the one that came with your phone or you have to import from Chinese sites. Compared to the A73 from Samsung which has Android 13, a better SOC and gets timely updates not to mention is cheaper now.

              Overall Honor doesn't care about their midrangers and would advise anyone not to ever buy this phone or any honor phones if you care about any decent software support. Won't ever buy another Honor phone again.

                Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023Iphone 13 and above can use manual mode actuallyLimited manual options only. Samsung and most Chinese manufacturers give you full manual control of all settings; iPhone 13 and above do not.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • YUU
                  • 02 Mar 2023

                  insomniac, 17 Feb 2023You are right, most people do not use the manual modes, whi... moreIphone 13 and above can use manual mode actually

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                    • John
                    • tZk
                    • 21 Feb 2023

                    I bought this phone one month ago. The biggest drawback so far is the camera. It flickers intensively when taking videos outdoor under bright sun. It seems like flickering at a certain consistent frequency. It flickers too when taking photo. But so far I am still fine with it. Quality of photos is just average. I will check with Honor service centre to find out whether this is a hardware issue. Second drawback is the Snapdragon 665 processor. It is now quick enough for a phone at this standard and pricing.

                      bulbulito.bayagbag, 16 Feb 2023There's not a lot of people who use the manual mode on... moreYou are right, most people do not use the manual modes, which is why Apple and Google do not offer them at all or to a limited degree only. As someone who has owned a DSLR for ages, l would like to be able to manipulate lighting however I see fit. I can't live without manual modes, which is why I would never purchase an iPhone or a Pixel.

                        bulbulito.bayagbag, 16 Feb 2023Well, I would strongly advise not looking at the huawei P60... moreEh I can live with that one, but not this

                          bulbulito.bayagbag, 16 Feb 2023Watch youtube reviews and be prepared to be disappointed of... moreTrust me, I don't have to watch no review to realize how bad this phone's camera is

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                            • ThuRein
                            • MxR
                            • 16 Feb 2023

                            Anonymous, 11 Jan 2023No SD card, no thanks honor.Right thank honor😢

                              bulbulito.bayagbag, 16 Feb 2023The pixel 6a has a flagship tensor 2 chipset. A lot of mid ... moreYou're right. Like I said it is definitely much faster than the SD695, but other than performance there are some areas this phone does better or has more appeal to buyers (e.g. bigger screen).

                              But if people are only looking for best performance for the price, then sure the 6a beats all the midrangers.

                                Anonymous, 13 Feb 2023I saw a review on DB that tests it’s durability. search Jom... moreSure the durability part is spot on. How about the other things we do on our phones, like taking photos? playing some games? too bad this phone is all about durable and nothing else.

                                  abdndu15, 12 Jan 2023What about it's camera??Crappy. You'd expect something at this price range to at least take some decent photos.

                                    David 040882, 11 Jan 2023God please, I hope they do not use that design again.... I&... moreWell, I would strongly advise not looking at the huawei P60, it might add to your nightmares.

                                      7080, 11 Jan 2023Junk design junk software and hell prices...Typical sd 695 junk.

                                        David 040882, 12 Jan 2023On short, its camera is absolute crap. That excessively hug... moreWatch youtube reviews and be prepared to be disappointed of how bad the camera is. Typical sd 695 crap.