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  • Vinicius Schneider
  • gv}
  • 13 Mar 2022

My first smart decide. I still have it and it works well

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    • sapis
    • tu2
    • 24 Nov 2021

    still using it to watch anime

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      • Ashique
      • yp1
      • 09 Aug 2017

      MarieAnn, 03 Jun 2017I'm having problem with my HP 8 G2 tablet. It's experiencin... moreSame complaint here

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        • windblaster
        • YPa
        • 17 Jul 2017

        i am having trouble unlocking it I forgot my password

          • M
          • MarieAnn
          • vFa
          • 03 Jun 2017

          I'm having problem with my HP 8 G2 tablet. It's experiencing screen shaking problem for a couple of days already.I don't know or not sure of what might have caused it.

            • f
            • fred.svob@telkomsa.n
            • rvH
            • 18 Dec 2016

            There is supposed to be "blue tooth" on the tablet. I cannot find it. I would like to transfer SMSs from my cell phone to this tablet HP 8. Can someone help, please? Thanks

              • R
              • Rina
              • sEP
              • 24 Jun 2016

              Am having trouble getting the tablet connected - gives me error message such as authentication problems so cannot connect - help please !

                • n
                • nicko
                • vkU
                • 09 Jun 2016

                I have a HP8 tablet and I tried to load the Foxtel Go app from the google site and it said it was not compatible with my device.Has anybody else come across this and if so can it be remedied.

                  • m
                  • mhegs
                  • KgW
                  • 02 Jun 2016

                  i just bought hp8 tablet but im having troubles on installing apps like (share it, fb messenger and others. anyone can help, please...thanks

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • w0Q
                    • 18 May 2016

                    just bought one recently brand new on sale for $90. Kitkat preinstalled, I guess that's the last version for this tablet. Cpu apps says its Allwinner A23 (a dual core chip) but they are showing four cores. It has bluetooth btw. for the price this tablet is fine, performance is what you'll expect. definitely low-mid range but suits my use (check mail, FB, browsing) charging is slow though specially when in use, it's like it's not charging at all, so I have to lock screen for the charge to move on. camera is definitely on the cheap side, screen is too bright when used in the dark even if brightness slider is at the very lowest (no autobrightness).

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                      • AnonD-506190
                      • snQ
                      • 23 Feb 2016

                      this model doesn't have Bluetooth like specs above says.

                        • p
                        • philip
                        • KgW
                        • 19 Dec 2015

                        I am currently using this product and I am not happy.. I can say that this is the worst tablet I ever knew.. The camera? Omg so dark!!!!!even you using such filter or so.... The speaker?well you need to buy another speaker just to hear the sound... Wasting of money if you going to buy this stupid product.....not worth it!

                        Anyway the price is okay however the product itself NO!!!!!!

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                          • AnonD-359902
                          • pUT
                          • 20 Nov 2015

                          turn this phone upside down to make it say dɥ

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                            • Mariok
                            • i8j
                            • 25 Aug 2015

                            Mine hp8 has for sure GPS. It shows the satellites above me p!us an accurate position and co ordinate so above GPS should be yes

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                              • Mediamaho
                              • teq
                              • 09 Aug 2015

                              Well my li'l bro is using this, it's not bad for him bcs he can put all the games and play in it. But when i use it i find it lagging.... Because of the 1gb ram, bad luck... Change ir and will be a fan of ur products for ever.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Nyj
                                • 09 Mar 2015

                                tell me this is diffirent from HP stream 8 with windows 8 OS.

                                  • b
                                  • birr
                                  • HjB
                                  • 18 Nov 2014

                                  bought it 1 month ago,very happy with the performance and no finding any problem. but the speaker quite low.speed n battery running in good condition.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 8JW
                                    • 14 Nov 2014

                                    Exelent tablet !, It is fast, have good design and good storage.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0rS
                                      • 08 Sep 2014

                                      Thats is why HP has no chance in tablet market, 1 gb ram?
                                      Its crazy, putting inside old QuadCore A31 chipset and bundling it with aged SGX544*2...
                                      With only 1 gb of memory...

                                      Yeah, HP you need to learn too many things.
                                      I suppose...

                                        • z
                                        • zahid
                                        • 6Q3
                                        • 13 Aug 2014

                                        Farhad Zeko, 08 Apr 2014Nice Tablet !u used ?