HP and Movado partner for the Bold Motion smartwatch

Peter, 17 November, 2015

HP is back with a second smartwatch, this time in partnership with Swiss watchmaker Movado. The Movado Bold Motion looks more like a traditional watch than the Chronowing, the only real giveaway of the internal smarts is the LED lights.

The Bold Motion has a 44mm stainless steel casing with a black PVD-finish. It connects to an iOS (8+) or Android (4.4+) device over Bluetooth. The watch is water proof up to 50m and comes either with a black silicone strap or a stainless steel buckle.

There's no screen though. Notifications happen in two ways: vibration and the LEDs. It works like this – an appointment at 10:30 would be shown with a light at 10 o'clock and at 6 o'clock. Something like an email is shown as a pattern of lights.

Obviously with no screen notifications are pretty limited, but at least you should get great battery life, right? Unfortunately it seems like it would only last a week, which isn’t that impressive (a Pebble could do that).

The Movado Bold Motion being a Swiss watch means it's not cheap either. It's listed on Movado's site at $785. That's close to the limited edition Mondaine Helvetica 1 ($950), which packs sapphire glass, genuine leather and 2+ years of battery life.

PS. This isn’t Movado's first smartwatch, it also has the Museum Sport Motion and the Bellina Motion.

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Reader comments

Priced way too high, Looks Amazing though.

  • Anonymous

Because this is a Swiss made ACTUAL watch (quartz movement though, which isn't anything to brag about but explains the lower price). It's a hybrid, since a lot of people still want to wear an actual watch.

  • Anonymous

This effort isn't going to fly. Costs way too much and doesn't do much (compared with other leaders in the field). Ho hum... why bother?

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