HP iPAQ 610c

HP iPAQ 610c

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  • manthan
  • u7I
  • 22 Jul 2016

i want this phone battery please tell why process did i to want battery

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    • Thabiso
    • NmP
    • 23 Jun 2016

    I want battery for hp ipaq 600 where can I get it I'm in pretoria plz

      • s
      • saprin lintang
      • PA7
      • 26 Dec 2014

      install bbm

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        • dipu
        • K6m
        • 08 Aug 2014

        I want to know hpipac614c business navigator mobile handset price in Bangladesh . please reply me.....

          • K
          • Katchak
          • PqS
          • 23 Dec 2013

          I used several Ipaqs, they were useful, but always complicated to use, I knew a lot of tricks, but it never worked smoothly. The last one was an Ipaq 610C, it was very expensive and very disappointing, this was my last Ipaq I ever used.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • 3sE
            • 21 Dec 2013

            Eeeesh!!! It is called a pocket PC but to me it was like a pocket stiller cuz I almost spent more money it of buying Batteries, Programs, Software's e.t.c than the money I bought it. I bought 5 batteries on it but it coudnt change the situation, Installing programs was also hell. Sometimes if I try open some files wen the battery is at 50% it cud shutdown without a warning the problem also wll be on Restarting it, it could be a process and sometimes it could take 1hour Loading
            Eesh!!please try to improve this Phone cuz u will lose many customers
            I will never buy it.....

              • d
              • dusko
              • g5Y
              • 28 Feb 2013

              Problem solved,everything was turned down.(stupied)

                • D
                • Dusko
                • g5Y
                • 27 Feb 2013

                I have one really new...Simple question...If somebody knows,why my wmp doesn't play music?Not on the earphone,not on the speaker?I expect small help.All songs had been tryed in mp3,hadn't worked,than I converted them all in wma with the sam resoult.

                  • m
                  • munkoyo munkoyo
                  • N9@
                  • 24 Jan 2013

                  is it posible to buy from zambia, if so , how how much?

                    • J
                    • Jim...
                    • MBi
                    • 19 Jun 2012

                    ONLYNIRO, 11 Apr 2012my hp ipaq 610c screen got broken and would like to know ho... moreNot sure if you are in the UK or not but this lot are excellent; I have used them to replace a screen and they are quick and efficient.


                    You can also but the spares if you fancy doing it yourself.

                      • g
                      • gora
                      • sr$
                      • 05 Jun 2012

                      HP iPAQ 610c is locked and can not unlock it, how to solve

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • sr$
                        • 05 Jun 2012

                        HP iPAQ 610c is locked and can not unlock it, how to solve

                          • O
                          • ONLYNIRO
                          • F}u
                          • 11 Apr 2012

                          my hp ipaq 610c screen got broken and would like to know how i can get a replacement

                            • s
                            • sarbjeet
                            • wiU
                            • 16 Mar 2012

                            ihave problem of hanging of hpipaq910

                              • G
                              • George
                              • 3IU
                              • 10 Nov 2011

                              Anonymous, 17 Mar 2011you are absolute wrongThank you for your comment. It's relief, I thought the problem was with the phone.

                                • G
                                • George
                                • 3IU
                                • 10 Nov 2011

                                AnonD-1526, 13 Feb 2011George phone turn off when battery reaches 50% because it's... moreHad problems with the battery after using it for couple of months, that's said. Regarding upgrade, done that as well, still had the same problems.

                                  • b
                                  • bEHZAD
                                  • Rxf
                                  • 20 Oct 2011

                                  If any body have this mobile and want to sale contact me 03222201603 bi want to purchase

                                    • f
                                    • fexx22
                                    • MNT
                                    • 23 Sep 2011

                                    has nice features but not user friendly at all...

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                                      • Dissapointed
                                      • LuA
                                      • 05 Aug 2011

                                      I bought the 610c four years ago, was my third Ipaq, it was expensive and very soon was outperformed by other smart phones. Althought it has a lot of facilities it is complicated to use, not friendly at all. Even when I changed the battery it resets by itself very frequentely, this is very annoying. I will not buy any Ipaq anymore, I have been very dissapointed for long time. I am going to discard it very soon.

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                                        • delbi
                                        • uEB
                                        • 23 Jul 2011

                                        is worst phone I also ever have, beside I pay quite expensive is not practise at all. is difficult to use as a phone and is complicate to use as computer,