HP iPAQ h6325

HP iPAQ h6325

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  • Han
  • txk
  • 12 Aug 2016

Just have it for 6 weeks, in early 2006. damage speaker :(
cool damn thing in that era, along with O2

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    • Past
    • t@g
    • 05 May 2016

    Does this phone support whatsapp, bbm, instagram, etc? lol.

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      • Anonymous
      • tUd
      • 03 Jan 2012


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        • VICTOR
        • N9P
        • 18 Nov 2010

        its abad 4ne

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          • officer bundy
          • 9xN
          • 14 Nov 2010

          Anonymous, 06 Apr 2009What is the best midlet manager that i can install on hp ip... morewhat are you going on about?

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            • Anonymous
            • j01
            • 22 May 2010

            noooooooooooooooooooo :d

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              • Anonymous
              • 3qF
              • 06 Dec 2009

              i havve it...before 1 year ago my uncle buyed this pocket pc for about 420 dollars.Then I traded it for mobile...

                • j
                • jillu
                • vG4
                • 28 Jun 2009

                its very huge in size i want sell my hp ipaq h6300 if someboby intrest in this jus contact 9677889991name manmadan

                  • B
                  • Bernard
                  • N7C
                  • 15 Jun 2009

                  Hi there, can someone please tell me how much this phone roughly costs in USD? I really wanna buy it. If anyone knows how much it costs in Dubai, please tell me as well. Thanks.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • PZL
                    • 12 Apr 2009

                    I had this phone for a year and found it not to be such a good phone. First the phone is very bulky and that the big black antenna is not doing it any justice. It could have GPS, but you have to buy a SECONDARY device and sometimes it's not accurate. Getting an SMS could be troublesome not to mention the phone is slow. Overall, it's a 'kinda' okay phone for its time. i would give it a 4/10.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • M@T
                      • 06 Apr 2009

                      What is the best midlet manager that i can install on hp ipaq h6325 so that i can run opera mini on it. Please send me a solution to my mail elfabab@yahoo.co.nz

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                        • Anonymous
                        • P$W
                        • 11 Mar 2009

                        This is a good PDA but due to physical size and memory size.. etc... you need to upgrade if youre into portability. the mobile telecom industry boomed into every sort of OS; WinMo, Symbian....the resolutions, the sizes of screens, memory, everything..depending on what youre after...happy to have this one, serve the purpose.

                          • z
                          • zia
                          • ji{
                          • 25 Feb 2009

                          hi, i want to buy hp how is it? should i buy???

                            • z
                            • zia khan
                            • ji{
                            • 25 Feb 2009

                            i couldn,t use gprs in my hp if anyone can help me please send me

                              • B
                              • Besar
                              • 04T
                              • 07 Dec 2008

                              I have problems with my hp h6340 , when I take out the batery and when i put it back the phone loses all the data including contacts mesages etc. Can anyone help me??

                                • w
                                • wen7476
                                • wrj
                                • 29 Sep 2008

                                I want to install gps software to my HP iPAQ 63.. Can I? Thx for everything.

                                  • r
                                  • raavee
                                  • PFw
                                  • 22 Aug 2008

                                  i still couldnt use gprs/internet on my pocket pc ........

                                    • M
                                    • Motoramz
                                    • ibm
                                    • 22 Jun 2008

                                    I think the phenomenon pocket pc phone going to be freeze because of too many programs are not fully close. We should only let the minimum programs be running. Closing the program by click on x spot only minimize but not close it fully. That so many phone RAMs are being used to maintain the phone operations. Wisely to close unnecessary programs at specific shutdown/stop program menu. There are a certain fixed update for this model at driverstock dotcom, check it out...

                                      • v
                                      • virus
                                      • ptR
                                      • 21 Apr 2008

                                      i get the picture guys thanks
                                      god bless gsmarena and this forum

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                                        • suleiman Suedi
                                        • N7C
                                        • 14 Mar 2008

                                        My phone is good and works perfectly, but I have one problem with my PC. I can only receive yahoo mails but cannot reply, the reply page does not appear when you tap on the reply box. this does not happen with hotmail website, Please help me out, what can I do.