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  • Kellz
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  • 15 Nov 2015

Tbh now a single core 1.4 ghz it's slOw now compared to todays phones

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    • fthdgn
    • m9V
    • 15 May 2014

    I have used that phone in NY for 2 days and come back to London and waited to be released in the UK. When the release date came, HP said it is delayed 2 months further. I had an Iphone 4 as an upgrade and used it 20 days..sold it..I am collecting phones like this as a hobby and bough the phone 2 monhts ago from amazon us website. Guysss..this is the best phone I ve ever used..fast..easy to type..and very nice UI. if you know how to develop an app, you can still use it for yourself...
    P.S I am still hoping HP brings a nice Windows Phone to market..

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      • Beri
      • tA$
      • 09 Feb 2013

      it was cancelled it means there's no way this phone gonna be available

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        • mohit
        • vwe
        • 03 Aug 2012

        u can by this mobile >?>/ pay thy money and got the mobile hahahahahahha

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          • freakrie
          • M7r
          • 31 May 2012

          blazy, 13 Mar 2012how can i buy this phonecan try buy it from ebay..

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            • BISOYE
            • ppn
            • 06 Apr 2012

            can u replace the screen glass please.

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              • blazy
              • Nw8
              • 13 Mar 2012

              how can i buy this phone