HP Pro Slate 8

HP Pro Slate 8

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  • IT Admin
  • Svp
  • 04 Mar 2020

The IT Director at the company I work at made a large order to HP a few years back (before I started with the company), and they gave him this tablet as a "gift". He gave it to the owner of the company and the owner never took it home because they only use Apple products at his home.

So this tablet has been lying in storage for about 5 years and it´s practically brand new.

I found it and decided we could get some use out of it. So the first thing I do is update it. I run the second set of Google updates that it prompted me and.....it bricked it.

The tablet is useless after a Google update.

    • A
    • Aaron
    • 3Yd
    • 26 Jan 2019

    This device looks like its supposed to be on Android 5.1.1. Lollipop!

      • n
      • nestor
      • utF
      • 22 Jan 2015

      If its today in the market without any bugs, For INR 18k, I will happily buy it.

        • Y
        • Your nickname poiton
        • mN{
        • 21 Jan 2015

        Your comment aboutvHP orP slate8

          If that's an actual photo, it's going to be pretty ugly with such wide bezels! No thanks!

            • D
            • AnonD-331864
            • spR
            • 21 Jan 2015

            This Tablet is not reasonably priced. Since, tablets like Nokia N1 is so better regarding to all aspects.

              • m
              • mobbile expert
              • spR
              • 20 Jan 2015

              With all specs lower than Nokia N1, price is almost doubled

                • x
                • xotiq
                • tt1
                • 20 Jan 2015

                Average specs, and being HP....how much will they market these products apart from just launching them?