HP Slate6 VoiceTab

HP Slate6 VoiceTab

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  • rahul

please tell me ,
it has removable battery or not?

  • bunny.pramod

iam planing to take hp slate 6 can i take or not please tel me any problems your facing

  • myousafkhantareen

I bought it yesterday. Its very beautiful device and i recommend to others as in this price with goodbrand name they are offering quad core processor its fantastic. Body its fantastic the only problem so far is speakers needs improvement

  • boss

Erick, 04 Aug 2014bloody poor GPS accuration and signal lock, not recommended for ... moreYes I agree. Made me go round 5 blocks back to back

  • RIK

Ram, 19 Aug 2014Phone is a good phone; in case if you want to hear the clarity o... moreI am having problem i can not hear voice without headset

  • ALFI

so far so good
I have been using this phone for two weeks now and very satisfied with its performance so far but this is not for a heavy gaming user its just phone that can get the job done and I think is the camera doesn't have many scene mode like Samsung or Sony

  • sasaank

hai friends this is sasaank ,i want to purchase hp 6 or 7 slate voice ,,can any one please tell me ,whether it is good or bad ,,please help me .....

  • phonemaster

Hey guys... Purchase this phablet without any shadow of doubt.. We always use micromax phones which have cheap quality processor and this phone got some good hardware as it have a vivaante GPU against the power vr and it have a marvel processor which is good for our use.... Better than powervr and mediatek CPU and GPU found in almost all. Micromax phones.. Don't see the benchmarks as they are only scores... Played GTA sa at max graphics and asphal 7 and 8 at maximum graphics without lag.... With nova 3 the thing was in the review he had a graphic demanding game running into the background and it also have a lot of applications installed into it.. As nova 3 is a loner on 1 GB ram then don't install or run a heavy background application.. So enjoy playing

  • Ram

Phone is a good phone; in case if you want to hear the clarity on sound please use ear phone and picture quality on camera both front and back is very good.

  • phone master

Its a gr8 phone.. Update is out for people who are complaining about signal and à good news is out that soon it will be available for kit kat update....... If you don't want any lag in your tab then install a clean master and if you want to play graphic intensive games like mc4 and any other graphic intensive game then you should install one game at a time.... Then you can enjoy your games at max graphics without any lag... Don't purchase it online. I purchased it from cariano next for 18000 and my phone is working great.... Also received a software update (400 mb) then my benchmarks become even higher antutu was 16900 and quadrant standard was 6970 and nenamark 2 was even good it was at 55 fps and ntitouch points are 5 which is even good from a expensive ckmpanybloke HP

  • AnonD-291442

It is not good phone. We have to reboot 6-7 time in a day, because network is failed. Battery quality is so bad. Please avoid this phone....

  • Praveen

i wouldn't recommend this phone, my GPS redirects every few seconds, today it kept restarting every 30 seconds. had to disable so many things, i think its because of the OS. but end of the say i wished i hadn't spent money on this

  • prince

What can i say, they say u cant change the home screen bt u can install "go ex launcher" tht will give u alot of options...yes sound may b bad..bt its quad core..so its fast..still thought of going for lumia 1320..bt for now this will work...install clean masters to keep mobile fron hanging..

  • Simrandeep

This is the worst phone i have ever purchased. Facing following problems:-
1) Network failure.
2) Poor Sound quality
3) Battery will charge only if room temp is upto 35 degree, exceed temperature will stop charging.
4) Phone become so hot without any reason.
Service center cant repair your phone. Customer care doesn't resolve your complaints.

  • ram

it is very good but sound quality is very poor.internet or gps stops suddenly other vise it is good

  • nikhil p devadas

How is hp slate6 voice tab.slate make which country

  • ranjan

Last month I am purchasing slate 6 this is really very good battery backup and also so good


paddy, 23 Jul 2014Please guide me , as even i'am facing the same problem, when 3G ... morei brought hp slate tab7.requently experiencing network issue.all network signals goes off suddetly .restarting is the only solution.most of the time my number is out of range .hp have to correct this issue throuh an update....sound quality poor.low voice.spped and other features ok

  • AnonD-292465

I just bought Slate 6 by the name goes. But sond is really poor. Its not audible, that you can not listen to songs or call voice. Its named by HP voice tab but it has poorest voice I found in any Mobile is with HP slate 6. SO my recomendation dont go by the name of HP go by the quality & take first the quality.

  • Bulbul

I am using hp slate6. It is little slow from other android phone. Its 5mp camera but picture size not more then 800KB. So picture is Bursting very easily. Other wise everything is ok.