HP Slate6 VoiceTab

HP Slate6 VoiceTab

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  • Haresh
  • 2F6
  • 13 Sep 2016

Back up data and factory reset

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    • Tesf
    • NXN
    • 22 Aug 2016

    My phone- HP slate 6 is closing the networks saying CP ASSERT!
    Can I know the cause of the problem and solutions?

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      • HP lover
      • uST
      • 10 Aug 2016

      Sadly, it cannot handle Pokemon Go.... or can it?

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        • AnonD-560071
        • nX}
        • 14 Jul 2016

        i have problem with my slate 6 voice tab , its operating on its own without no one operating it

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          • AnonD-555859
          • Gw{
          • 03 Jul 2016

          I need display of my phone how can I get? I leave in dar es salaam Tanzania.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • Gw{
            • 03 Jul 2016

            hi my name is nassor,from Tanzania east Africa. I need to know if you have agent here or if I can get display of my phone.

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              • wjus
              • thv
              • 23 Jun 2016

              anilkumar, 22 Jun 2016do u have the slate 6,i need the display for that.can u hel... morenot anymore, you can search online to buy it

                • a
                • anilkumar
                • sST
                • 22 Jun 2016

                Wjus, 07 May 2016This phone is really lame, buying it on april using a few d... moredo u have the slate 6,i need the display for that.can u help me with this

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                  • Anonymous
                  • vaS
                  • 06 Jun 2016

                  Sohaib Bhukari, 07 May 2016Really really poor mobile. Low hardware durability Incomp... moresoooooo true

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 7w4
                    • 23 May 2016

                    AnonD-511464, 06 Mar 2016In appreciation of the best phone i ever used HP Slate 6 Vo... moreI have same problem,what should i do? Please help my mobile in aromatic on off

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • w0@
                      • 12 May 2016

                      Very poor performance. HP is a leading brand through years but really failed in mobiles.
                      Lost patience in maintaining this mobile since one and half year.

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                        • nightcrawler
                        • vEc
                        • 10 May 2016

                        I started the use about a year ago; it's good a phone, I however have been experiencing these error messages after which the phone network goes off.
                        1. HP OOBE has stopped (few mins after putting it on);
                        2. CP ASSERT! COMM EE LOG:DSP_COM_ERR=0*4120,Unknown, CP Version. Later on,CP ASSERT! COMM EE LOG: (1,BF,ID),GMM_TIMER,L:1306,CP Version: HLWE. ;
                        3.CP ASSERT! No details,Please dump ACAT log.
                        4. Unfortunately, com.marvel.powergadget has stopped.

                        Is the HP rep know abaout this and figuring the fault instead of making an upgrade version that still have the same problems.
                        Kindly help out quickly.Regards

                          • S
                          • Sohaib Bhukari
                          • 64y
                          • 07 May 2016

                          Really really poor mobile.
                          Low hardware durability
                          Incompatibility with Whatsapp call
                          Call Problem
                          Battery Problem
                          Sound Problem
                          Speaker Problem
                          Poor Mobile Integration

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                            • Wjus
                            • tDR
                            • 07 May 2016

                            This phone is really lame, buying it on april using a few days , phone got hot and always shows marvel gadget stopped, and get to the service centre from beginning to the end need almost a month, and they change whole motherboard, and now using for 1 day, new problem is coming ,cannot finish download anything from playstore if using mobile network but no problem using wifi, i'm regretting not hearing complained from this forum , I thing it solved by kit kat but not, this phone processor or their modified UI really bad and suck, really not recommended, now i'm ordering redmi3 ,from what i heard is a great phone at low price

                              • W
                              • Wjus
                              • tDR
                              • 17 Apr 2016

                              Anonymous, 08 Feb 2016 how can i find the sound recording option HP slate6 voice... moreYou must download sound recorder apps from playstore

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • X05
                                • 25 Mar 2016

                                It was good at first 1 year..nowmobile start heating .and battery last for 4 to 5 hours .without net connection when we connect internet it lasts for only one hour .camera is good during day time worst during night time no use of flash.

                                  • U
                                  • Umesh
                                  • v}Q
                                  • 10 Mar 2016

                                  Purchased this phone over a year back.. initially was found good & then some or the other problems started..Now, the battery life is worst even without internet, can handle only 4-5 hrs..no feedback from HP for battery replacement in such a short time. I get a message -- "unfortunately com.marwell.powergadet has stopped" and the phone becomes hot. Worst experience ever with HP product..
                                  Would not suggest any one to buy??

                                    • A
                                    • Abdelwahab
                                    • fu{
                                    • 10 Mar 2016

                                    Have nothing to say other than this phone is a huge ripoff by a huge brand name. It's the worst I ever bought. In a nutshell: it never makes you happy even during a short session. I wish I stuck to my Nokia 6230i!!!

                                      • O
                                      • Ofigiofem
                                      • r3H
                                      • 09 Mar 2016

                                      Ripon, 18 Nov 2015This phone is not good because in six months two times my p... moreHP wonderfull experience, nice phone

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-511464
                                        • ftI
                                        • 06 Mar 2016

                                        In appreciation of the best phone i ever used HP Slate 6 Voice Tab. My request is on how to access its accessories; phone jackect, spare battery and face cover/protector.