HP Slate7 VoiceTab

HP Slate7 VoiceTab

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  • Anonymous
  • Nu6
  • 10 Sep 2020

Pls can I still get the calibrator in d market now? My screen is bad.

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    • PANKAJ
    • yZv
    • 17 Feb 2019

    we have required battery for this . any site or location

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      • bcash
      • NuU
      • 02 Sep 2018

      guys i updated my voice tab slate7 and now its on no command and i have tried every option including data reset but still it wont turn on ....What should i do helppppp

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        • AnonD-702224
        • fmg
        • 21 Sep 2017

        Why do I always have to restart my device due to this CP ASSERT∆, that mostly appear when I switch from 2G to 3G, making my network in-active.

          • D
          • AnonD-702224
          • fmg
          • 21 Sep 2017

          Please where can I get a new battery pack? My pack is weakened due to time and active usage. Please reply me ASAP

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            • AnonD-688963
            • U@a
            • 02 Aug 2017

            webby, 01 Dec 2016My slate7 is not connecting to the networkits only connecti... moreType *#*#4636*#*#...then go to "Marvel Testing".....then "Usb Settings" ....then "Network settings".....then select sim slot (sim1/sim2).....then go to "Network Settings" of selected sim card now select network type( i advice you to select 3G , it will work ....my 2G network also failed after 30min but 3G doesn't fails ) .....
            N.B=>you have to do this everytime when you reboot your phone ...
            Thank you

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              • Anonymous
              • IW@
              • 24 Dec 2016

              I use these tab for more than 3 yes

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                • webby
                • 0wq
                • 01 Dec 2016

                My slate7 is not connecting to the networkits only connecting for about 30mins only after that its saying no service. Pliz help way could be the problem.

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                  • At hacker
                  • gN}
                  • 08 Nov 2016

                  Best tab in the world

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                    • AnonD-599436
                    • r3H
                    • 18 Oct 2016

                    Please where in Nigeria can i get the screen to fix my HP Slate6 Voice Tab?

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                      • pradeep
                      • uwE
                      • 15 Oct 2016

                      I am using HP slate7 tab from 3years here my problem is it failure to support the 8GB pen drive also please help me

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                        • gugun
                        • uuR
                        • 03 Oct 2016

                        where can i buy the motherboard coz the charging port is broken and i need to change the whole board its disgusting how can they make something like this.. hate it

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                          • vixks
                          • H4t
                          • 09 Sep 2016

                          plzzz don't use this

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                            • Anonymous
                            • X}f
                            • 02 Sep 2016

                            can anyone tell me the dimensions of its battery?

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                              • disappointed user
                              • KAK
                              • 19 Aug 2016

                              I am very disappointed with this tab. Twice within the warranty period in a gap of three months I went to the HP store and got the mother board replaced only to find the same not working and the charging point being completely burnt rendering the Tab in a non working condition.

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                                • vishal
                                • Cb0
                                • 28 Jul 2016

                                Can i use 2m MHL micro usb to HDMI hdtv adapter cable this device .

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                                  • laba khwairakpam
                                  • utU
                                  • 19 Jul 2016

                                  why not support OGT on hp slate 7 voice tab kindly inform me how to support .

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                                    • Chitwn
                                    • NuU
                                    • 08 Jul 2016

                                    when l updated my phone it just went off and when l put it on,it also shows the hp sign bt aftr tht it shows the Android sign and stops there.is there any way to restore the system.

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                                      • Ras penco
                                      • NuU
                                      • 08 Jul 2016

                                      l up dated my phone it now when l put it on,it only shows the sign of an Adroid system.what should l do.

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                                        • AnonD-552950
                                        • uux
                                        • 25 Jun 2016

                                        Never buy Tab of hp.its waste of money.I brought 2 tab of hp.Both are of no use now.
                                        HP slate 7 (voice tab) within the warranty period changed the board due to charging point issue.and now again the board is damaged and fresh board comes at 12000rs. Interesting the service engineer from hp is ready to buy it from me for Rs 1500. Can't find the logic in it.I believe the spares are not available so easy .
                                        So pls do not buy Tab of Hp (any series).