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HP Slate 17

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  • Leo
  • m9K
  • 11 Sep 2023

AnonD-248118, 06 Jun 2016Using it since 1year,,,,horrible touch,,,,, screen clarity ... moreThe only thing good is the large screen

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    • Anonymous
    • RIF
    • 28 Oct 2021

    I'd love to see a modern version of this giant tablet with Chrome OS since the Play Store support for it is no different than any Android tablet.

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      • lion5
      • Kv1
      • 18 Nov 2020

      where i can bye this tablet in the usa ?

        I wanted a large screen to watch Netflix and Sky Go on and for it to act as a media centre. I read many reviews about the HP Slate 17 and almost ended buying the Lenovo Tab2 Pro instead. I'm so glad I stuck with my original gut feeling and went for the HP Slate 17.
        The screen is 17.3 inches @ 1080p. It's fantastic for watching sport, very clear. The sound is good although if you want a bit more you could easily attach a bluetooth speaker or attach to the audio port. My wife has an iPad and I use my phone for browsing so this purchase was never going to be for anything other than watching movies, sport, YouTube and listening to Spotify. It does all of the above with ease, no lag or screen "jerkiness". I've even changed the launcher so that the home screen icons and general feel look like Windows 10! This looks great in terms of giving it a proper "media centre feel", similar to that of the 18 inch Samsung Galaxy View home screen.
        I managed to watch 4 hours of football yesterday on a single charge. I'd imagine something less strenuous like listening to music or browsing would give you another hour or maybe 2.
        It has both an HDMI and USB port which is handy and there's also room to expand the memory if need be. The front camera is pretty poor but this is something I'm never likely to use.
        Overall I would say I'm very happy with my purchase. I would even have to say "delighted" as I managed to pick up a used but good condition one for £109!
        This hasn't really affected me but the only real downside, which I imagine is fairly obvious is that you are pretty much stuck on Android 4.4 KitKat as the tablet was released in 2014. The only app which I had an issue with was Netflix, once downloaded from the Google Play store it would crash in the middle of starting up. I uninstalled this and found an older APK file online (they're easy to find) and it now works perfectly. The back stand is slightly flimsy, I have come across a couple of used tablets with the stand broken or bent...I can see why. Thankfully mine is in good condition but you can also buy portable stands online which are a little more sturdy. So far so good!

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          • Anonymous
          • 7MB
          • 23 Sep 2016

          Nervous about spending so much cash on this tab. Made up I did. Pros-Great screen. Firefox youtube HD quality. Good sound. Android apps. Love watching films and football on it. Touch screen took some getting used to due to size. Cons-Not really portable. Camera crap(got top phone camera anyway). Overall - love it.

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            • Anonymous
            • I7X
            • 11 Sep 2016

            Love this tab, only problem ive got with it is my brother broke it now the screen wont respond to touch, struggling to find someone in Australia who will repair it

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              • pJX
              • 06 Sep 2016

              AnonD-248118, 06 Jun 2016Using it since 1year,,,,horrible touch,,,,, screen clarity ... moreHi you can get full HD on youtube if you use safari.

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                • Christoph
                • RrK
                • 15 Jun 2016

                Will not load movies or any data from terabyte hard drive. Can unit play movies saved on external hard drives.?

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                  • Cg
                  • 3rA
                  • 09 Jun 2016

                  I love my slate. I bought this for my 3 year old. She loved it. For me, the battery will last only 5hours and the YouTube video is not very clear. I downloaded a lot of movies but my USB port is broken I had this tab for 8 months now and still working fine, but the USB port. I sometimes use it before I sleep but I cannot carry it along with me anywhere I go because it's too big. But I love listening music to this is the quality of the sound is good.

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                    • AnonD-248118
                    • uwJ
                    • 06 Jun 2016

                    Using it since 1year,,,,horrible touch,,,,, screen clarity is like crt TV,,, sound socks,,,, YouTube at 720p shit only,,,, am banging my head towards it for my wrong choice of buying it from a dieing brand

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                      • nereocorp
                      • 8Bj
                      • 11 Feb 2016

                      Just, Great, i know atom is not the best x86 but work amazing with KitKat, so fast and smooth, with it 2gb RAM and 32gb of space you can install and run anything, this tablet work so fast, it just open any app so quick and the games !!!!! Good hd graphics , games like real racing 3 runs fantastic !!! Yes, it is biggy but it fits inside a normal backpack, a portable 17" ? For a few bucks ? Pls galaxy dudes, go away !!! ;)

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                        • real reporter
                        • ItW
                        • 13 Oct 2015

                        horrible touch screen. i have this for only 3 months and now it doesnt let me enter setting menu.

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                          • AnonD-426900
                          • DtM
                          • 08 Aug 2015

                          AnonD-182350, 09 Feb 2015127ppi * 17" . you are talking about 2159p almost th... moreScreen resolution isn't calculated using the diagonal. You have to use the height and width. As published, the Slate 17 has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

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                            • nw}
                            • 27 Jun 2015

                            Fast and massive, its kinda like a mini touch smart tv. its staying on android 4.4 - might put some off but i prefer the stability on that os.

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                              • averhielle
                              • Kg{
                              • 30 Apr 2015

                              it looks like HP pavilion pc

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                                • AnonD-345273
                                • 3bm
                                • 25 Apr 2015

                                Hp need to do another 14"inches tablet how contained another specs, much like this:

                                1.Display.- 14"inches 2K - Quantum Dots - CGG NBT
                                2.Memory.- 4-8 GB RAM ( DDR4 )
                                3.Chipset.- Tegra X1 or Intel Core M (5 generathion)
                                4.Camera.- 5 MP front & back - 1080p@120fps
                                5.OS.- Windows 10

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                                  • AnonD-284531
                                  • 7Xm
                                  • 13 Feb 2015

                                  The only way i would consider buying this boat anchor is if it was using a i5 or 17 processor, 4GB min ram, 128GB min SSD, windows and a much higher PPI.

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                                    • makawan
                                    • uW}
                                    • 13 Feb 2015

                                    fit for shop/store

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                                      • AnonD-163230
                                      • Nks
                                      • 10 Feb 2015

                                      why this company rushing to produce new device with uncompleted specification intel atom-dual core
                                      come on hp wake up

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                                        • AnonD-227666
                                        • ftK
                                        • 10 Feb 2015

                                        Even if Hp wouldn't want to use a Snapdragon, I feel an Intel Core 2 duo or i3 would have done more justice to this device, considering it's size is in the all in one desktop range