HP Veer 4G

HP Veer 4G

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  • buffysummers

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2013i been using my veer for about a year now and i reset it a ... moreidk about the veer but i have a plam pre plus and the same happens to me, tunr on airplane more for a few secs then turn it back off.i do this and im up and running fine again

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

spanna, 13 Jan 2013have been using this phone for the last 6 months....what an... morewhat do u mean by bugs i dint get u

  • Anonymous

i been using my veer for about a year now and i reset it a month ago and ever since then i can not connect to internet using the sim data unless i use wifi and it is so disturbing also i can not delete drfirstuse. pls help me i really love my phone

  • spanna

have been using this phone for the last 6 months....what an awesome phone..if you only need a tiny phone with good email s/w and general web browsing...apart from that is pretty sad, yes it has a few bugs and the webos market is pathetic amongst other things...
i just wish some of the big name android manufacturers would have the balls and bring out a phone this size ....

  • prashanth

Mohit Toshniwal, 25 Dec 2011I have been using this phone for 1 month. I read a lot goo... morehello mohit

are u able to use internet in this phone...i m not able to get setting of internet in docomo..if u have net which network ur using...!!! plz help me out...

  • nayan

i have al ready buy hp veer4g .and now i was getting problem in it. i want to start the phone but i can not start it .i press the start button but it was not responding.some one help me?

  • AnonD-77197

how to get the GPS working in India ?

  • artur

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2012my display was broken where can i get itmine too... couldn´t find anywhere down here in Brazil, so I bought another Veer phone

  • rupeshwar

good cell phone....quite desi name bt good...

  • chaitu

my hp veer 4g is not working can you help me ... if u have solution..

  • Anonymous

my display was broken where can i get it

  • artur

worked fine by 4 months... started with issues to turn screen on when slided. and today got fully bricked

great phone meanwhile worked, now it´s useless

  • sandeep

how to configure docomo vpn settings for hp veer 4g?

  • dayab

for all people whom has problems with apn, password email on start the firstime the hp veer n above all when u are aut usa, this can b a nasty experienc am in colombia, just go and click on the liitle phon that is on the right side of your screen n pressa call emergency ofcourse delete it first and type this code #*3386633# an finally click .. then will apear enable develope mode, n click it n rstar it ,, ta-ta. your phone is working..now there is another little problem your palm profile,, ok but it is easy to solve dwnload via quickinstall something called impostah and once click on an square called activation and ready to enjoyr, luck and grees from colombia if u need more help add me at dayanblink980@yahoo.com

  • AnonD-65397

plz help me
blutooth is not working,
usb driver is not supported,, help meeeeeeeeee

  • bb

plz help me
blutooth is not working,
usb driver is not supported,, help meeeeeeeeee

  • bb

help me,,,,,
blutooth is not working n my phone and,
usb driver not supported,,

  • nas

can you help me get the charge and other ear phone in ghana

  • Anonymous

AnonD-60678, 26 Jun 2012usb drive not working..... please help me.... please....check you are connecting USB cable the right way.. the circle should be same side of display

  • wamshe

nani, 28 Jan 2012phone is great but how to use bluetooth in it please guide mrAnyone know how to get it in India ?
How many colours we have ?
Do we have unlock for AT&T ?