HP Veer 4G

HP Veer 4G

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  • varma

what was the expected price???

  • Anonymous

Its design is great, but I guess you can buy a cheaper remote control.

  • AnonD-8191

HP product's sucks... HP Software is buggy, not polished,conflictuous (just try their drivers and Software for their printers and scanners ) and overall bad programed.

Why wold i buy a smartphone from HP? Just because they released a new OS in a world overpopulated with better mobile OS (iOS, Android and even Symbian)? I think i'll pass...


Acctually HP Veer 4G don´t need to a SD card slot because it have an "USB mass storage support" and you can connect any external HD drive and have some TeraBytes.
And more, HP customers will have many Gigabytes in the HP Cloud. Currently I have 100 GB in the HP Cloud Drive, but in the future this amount will increase, probably.
About the 800 Mhz CPU, this is a great power to an WebOs device, but not to anothers Mobile OSes (eg. Android, iOS, WP), because WebOs is greatly optimized. And the tests showed that WebOs communication performance is boosted.
This little Smartphone in the size, but it is great in performance and software resources nad have a regular hardware.

  • labodilsen

to all the nay sayers out there.

Theres is a specific group of people that want this phone, (me included). the SE X10 mini pro sold like hotcakes here in denmark. and i suspect that this little gem of a phone could sell just as much, if they launched it in denmark.

  • AnonD-6193

poor HP, cant give a good start :(
This is an epic fail without front camera in asia.

  • yabadabadoo

it looks like my toys back in the old days. we used it to smack bugs


the web os is one of best os around the world but i dont know why hp and palm cells dont have external memory as for myself the 8 gb is nothing and i wont but web os based cellphones until i found one with microsd support.

  • Anonymous

the battery sucks..

  • Luigi

The most important thing to take from this is that it's Tri-band and compatible with Telstra's NextG network. Thank you HP for getting Palm out of their Dual-band funk. Please HP bring both the Veer and the Pre3 to Australia. My imported Pre is getting old in the tooth and want good coverage again.

  • tsabes

Taif, 02 May 2011Real Bad one... No secondary camera No card Slot Only 80... moreWhy do you want more than 800MHz for a low-mid range phone with such a small display?? This phone is not my cup of tea either but it does the job it's designed for.

  • greg

Rams, 03 May 2011Bring this to asia!and asian people will kick this out too :LOL

  • Rams

Bring this to asia!

  • AnonD-1862

wtf is this? this would be cool back in 2006.

  • AnonD-6536

nooooooo waaaay....!!

  • greg

Don't have any idea, what's on their (HP) mind. This phone looks so ugly

  • Anonymous

I'm guessing it opens... and there's another phone inside?

  • Taif

Real Bad one...
No secondary camera
No card Slot
Only 800 MHZ

It could have been better........HP better luck next time

  • AnonD-7283


  • Anonymous

it was made to define - fugly