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  • pushpendra

sadotek, 12 Apr 2016so whats the difrencs thenprocessor

Gurijala, 12 Apr 2016If you play games, you are better off with S7 or 6S. This w... moreExactly what I said. Adreno 510 barely performs good on 1080p screen of Galaxy A9 and HTC used a QHD screen. What in the world they were thinking? Playing games on this device is like playing crysis 3 with all settings at max on GTX 760 or R9 270 graphics card

G4M3R, 12 Apr 2016I was pretty angry at first when HTC India launched the SD6... moreIf you play games, you are better off with S7 or 6S. This wont work, not with QHD screen.

I was pretty angry at first when HTC India launched the SD652 powered version. Then thought for a minute. This model has only two differences compared to SD820 HTC 10.

First of all, its CPU performance. Sporting two quad core clusters of A72 and A53.
Its CPU performance is good, not best if we look at performance of Galaxy A9 (2016).
It is the GPU department which should be worried. Even at 1080p, the adreno 510 performs like mid-ranger on Galaxy A9. To make the matter worse, the HTC 10 lifestyle has 2k screen. GREAT!
Secondly, 3 gb RAM is neither too low nor too high. But taking into perspective, SD652 + 3 gb seems enough.
On the other hand, HTC has kept everything same except the processor and RAM size.
It really depends on how do you use the device to make a difference between those two.
Eventually, the launch price will or I would prefer to say 'should' make a difference between two models. What do you say People?

India getting the Lifestyle. Bye Bye HTC.

  • Anynomous

Guys I thought SD 652 is pure octa core configuration not big little? However, both 650 and 652 are above 808... So this phone will fit exactly with the xperia x... Hmm interesting

  • Wingwing

I think SD 652 will be sufficient to carry this phone, just mind the occasional stutter. I am sure many wouldnt mind, but its all depend in the price. Would you buy it if it $600, i think no, it should be at least $500.... To entice those who dont really use their phone for heavy gaming. Most buyer will not be using 4k video recording too as you have to downgrade the quality to upload to youtube..

sadotek, 12 Apr 2016so whats the difrencs thensd652 and 3gb ram

  • KarthikKochi

Difference in processor still have to pay hefty price. In that case should go for some cheap china phones which is worth value for money

  • AnonD-520325

come on, it has 2K screen, Snapdragon 652 won't be enough.

sadotek, 12 Apr 2016so whats the difrencs thenSnapdragon 820 vs Snapdragon 652. 4GB vs 3GB. and different markets!!!

sadotek, 12 Apr 2016so whats the difrencs thenLook at the CPU. It's an SoC 652. It's most probably targeted for different markets.

  • sadotek

so whats the difrencs then

  • Gur

They lack technology.9mm handset n only 3000 battery..even xiomi redmi 3 is thinner even have 4100 mah battery
.besides i know they have powerd it with powerfull speakers but not to do sacrifice shape factor

  • Sam

HTC are just losing it!

  • mymora88

It cost too much. 600 Eur is too expensive for a phone like this. Xiomi Mi 5 is better.