HTC Advantage X7510

HTC Advantage X7510

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  • Anonymous

i wouldn't consider this is a cellphone, more like a small computer or even mini !!! 5 inches screen !!?
we can we put the phone ? as expensive as laptop why bother ...

  • DREW

3.15 megapixel for those who wanted to know. Its cool tho.

  • marwan

this phone is excellent but it must have wifi and camera 5 megapixel to be full options and please tell me how much this phone will cost and when will be released

  • Anonymous

To haze

with a micro hard drive, they can't make it a vibration phone because it could harm the hard drive.

This is the best of the best phone

  • Anonymous

It's only 133mm. what are you guys talking about? It's like joeson said x7510 won't fit your jean pocket. I used to have N95 and it won't fit my jean pocket too.

  • Joeson

I own a HTC Advantage X7501. It's not that big that you can't put it in your pocket. yeah, it won't fit if you wear a jean. For me, this phone is the best phone I ever had. Love my HTC X7501

  • G

I'm planning to buy one instead of GPS,
I wawnted to buty TomTom 720 but I think this will be a better idea.
Also I can use it as a web browser, calendar etc ... I don't think I will use it as an mobile ..

But anyway it's looks nice, got GPS and camera so it's good for me :)

  • punka

i have alway wanted to call my mate on my laptop,hey this fone is so big that if some stole it,hid it in there pants.dont bother ringing the fone,just cheak for someone hiding a turky in there pants,why would you make a fone/laptop this still laghing,some should redefine the team mobile fone and gym.

  • Anonymous

Has this model got the leather case connecting the main unit and keyboard?

If not how are they attached?

  • Anonymous

Width should have been slightly small so that it can be carried in the pocket. Processor must be powerfull enough to allow third party software like most wanted full XLS programs.

  • yourmobileexpert

i have something similar to this. Its got a slightly bigger screen, more ram, more memory and a video card. but its not 3G. Its called a Dell. And its available NOW!
come on now.... if you want a laptop you get a laptop. how the heck can u get this in your pocket?

  • Anonymous


You can love it but it is not based on real contact or experience - in other words foolish :)

If the price is too high (over 800USD)
or has bugs
or not reliable

it will be totally useless!!!!

  • Qatari 4ever

i love it i tink think that its the best phone ive ever had and the best phone in the world......

  • 9063

dude this hp rawks.....
my gf just bought one...
realllllly nice... :=)

  • haze

can i confirm there's no vibration again 4 tis model? ;-(

  • Anonymous

Hey i need to buy this phone or laptop, i.m shocked from this phone!!! How much is????

  • Anonymous

I think this unit is not bad even with very critical observation.

The size is pretty much given by the 5˝screen.
16mm thickness is not bad today when SE (Sony) sells regular plain phones with this or similar thickness and people stupid enough to buy them. The battery also limits the size - remember 5˝sucks power!

OS ok Thank God it is not VISTA!

What I would like to see?
- yes, 3.5mm jack
- GPS nice but SIRF III is a must for accuracy
- get it down to 13mm thickness

- 5MB camera with VGA video up to 100fps

- USB 2.0 or better if not already

- FM radio (and why not AM also?)

That is all.

TOTALLY doable!!!!!

If you think 5˝too big - that is understandable - see Iphone or others. Do not try to change this one. Nice to have a 5˝ on the market as well.

  • deepone

Yes, very good...but....4:3 screen ? What were you thinking ?!?!?! Which market research made you choose this ?
At least 16:9 or 2:1 and I'm buying it. Everything else is great.

  • Som

This phone could be the ultimate with the following modifications -
1) Reduce the screen size from 5' to 4' and accordingly reduce the overall width/length proportionately, 2) Instead of angular sides (for use with the snap on key board) which somehow irritate my aesthetic and symetry sensibilities, it have a laptop like bolted on key board and book style open/close mechanism or could be a smaller version of HTC-shift 3) Include FM radio, 4) Include provision for a 3.5 mm jack

  • Anonymous

HTC, you are sooooo close to perfection. I'd be more than willing to carry it around if there was a place to insert a BT ear piece. I'm tired of carrying a phone AND a PDA and two chargers and and and and....