HTC Aria review: The little tenor

The little tenor

GSMArena team, 27 August 2010.

We love this phonebook

HTC Aria features the same powerful phonebook we first saw on the Hero. It resembles the one from the HTC TouchFLO but considerably extends its functionality.

Selecting a contact displays the basic details: name and photo, numbers, emails and such. What you'd notice though is that there are another five tabs at the bottom and you're just viewing the first tab.

HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria
Viewing a contact

The next tab holds the text messages received from the contact – it would have been a lot more useful if it held the entire conversation, but for that you’d have to go to the full-fledged Messaging app.

The third tab holds a list of emails you've exchanged with the contact. The next two tabs are quite interesting and can turn the Aria (or in fact any phone running the Sense UI) into a powerful social networking tool.

The first holds Facebook contact updates, and the other called "Albums" pulls the albums that contacts have created on Flickr and Facebook.

HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria
Facebook updates • Facebook and Flickr albums • call history

The final tab shows the call history for the contact.

The entire People app (the phonebook) is tabbed too and with more tabs than the stock Android. You have all contacts, groups (including favorite contacts there), as well as a call log and "Online directories". The latter holds information for all your buddies’ online profiles.

HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria
Phonebook • favorite contacts • groups • online directories

The contact editing screen features no plus key to add a new detail of a certain type, just a delete detail key. This saves some space (one line per each category) but you have to scroll down to the bottom every time you want to add a new detail.

HTC Aria HTC Aria
Editing a contact • cropping a photo

There is a lot of information you can store per contact as usual, and searching the phonebook is very easy – just press the search button.

Excellent telephony

We experienced no voice quality and reception issues with the HTC Aria.

The on-screen dialer features a keypad, a shortcut to the call log and a list of contacts beneath (you can hide the keypad). Smart Dialing is also enabled.

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, turn-to-mute also works like a charm. You can mute the ringer by simply turning the phone face down on the table.

HTC Aria HTC Aria HTC Aria
The dialer • calling Dexter

The call log shows the latest dialed, received and missed calls all in one.

HTC Legend
The call log holds incoming, outgoing and missed calls

Voice dialing is not enabled on The HTC Aria.

We ran our traditional loudspeaker test and the HTC Aria scored an excellent mark. Here is how it ranks among some other handsets we’ve tested.

Speakerphone testVoice, dBPink noise/ Music, dBRinging phone, dBOverall score
Apple iPhone 465.1 60.366.2Below Average
HTC Wildfire74.366.675.7Good
Google Nexus One69.966.679.1Good
HTC Hero76.771.977.7Very Good
HTC HD275.772.878.0Very Good
HTC Legend78.074.379.7Excellent
HTC Aria74.974.883.8Excellent

Reader comments

  • Kitkat1667
  • 18 Jun 2012
  • CpJ

This phone is pro. I have only had it since January, and in that short time I would go with nothing else. HTC is a good quality brand that makes sure that everything they sell is top standard. Though I would say that the camera needs improving. The s...

  • Doug Chance
  • 20 Jul 2011
  • 4Z%

The back pops off to give you access to the SD card without unscrewing anything.

  • rigelstuff
  • 18 Dec 2010
  • 9xk

"Excellent 5 megapixel snapper" and then you say "The image quality of the HTC Aria is not that great... still way worse than the best 5 megapixel cameraphones we’ve seen" Huh???