HTC Butterfly S goes on sale in some stores in the US, Taiwan

08 July, 2013

The HTC Butterfly S is HTC's second flagship in a short period of time and it's already on sale. Those early prices are not cheap but only a few stores even offer it officially.

One we found is Overseas Electronics – the Butterfly S is available in Black, Grey, White and Red and is priced $850 (US only shipping).

Another store, Negri Electronics, has put it up on pre-order for $770, but unfortunately there's no indication of when it will actually ship.

Ebay, of course, also has a few offers for the Butterfly S but they are even pricier – one from Taiwan is priced at $900.

Speaking of Taiwan, you can find it for about $765 there (NT$ 22,900) in at least three stores.

The HTC Butterfly S packs a 5" 1080p screen, BoomSound speakers (two on the front), Android 4.2 with Sense 5 and Blinkfeed, Snapdragon 600 chipset (quad-core Krait 300 at 1.9GHz, 2GB RAM, Adreno 320 GPU), UltraPixel camera (no OIS) and Zoe, plus a microSD card slot and a massive 3,200mAh battery.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-173446

Yup! HTC for life! I paid 780.00 that included overnight shipping. I went with the white. Less fingerprints. :-D

  • AnonD-173446

Cry babies!!!!! Get over it!!! This is the best phone out right now! Hands down! What is ois? Who really gives a crap man! 98.9% of average users won't even know, nor care! I just sold my ONE, and my DNA, for the white butterfly s! And I'm excited. W...

  • tikitiki

Just in us??? We want it in other country.

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