HTC Desire 19+

HTC Desire 19+

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019MediaTek much for this?
be sure must pay too much
ulefone power6, p35, 6350mah
oukitel k12, p35, 10000mah
htc now its in a category with these names & must compare it with them, i think they even better than htc, they are exactly equal to what to pay & htc not
with this huge pricing you purchace for your devices, that good days will never come back again

  • Anonymous

MediaTek trash.

  • Force Majeure

AnonD-819322, 11 Jun 2019Seems decent :)Until I saw MediaTek SoC, 720p res and almost 300 Euro for which you can get other brands with Snapdragon 6xxx for 180-250 with 1080p screen. :-/

  • Anonymous

> 720p screen
> Mediatek
> 280 Euro

  • Keke

Is it coming to South Africa ?

  • AnonD-819322

Seems decent :)