HTC Desire 200

HTC Desire 200

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"very basic" smartphone...
i ended up using this as a music player...
camera and display is not something you can enjoy..
ui is fluid, as features are at minimum, making this phone good as a back up phone...

Android version of the iPhone 4...

  • AnonD-639399

Nothing special. It's cheap and mainly for people who want something more refined than a regular old phone. It's not so powerful, takes grainy photos, but on standby, it can survive to up to a week. Mainly using it for calls and WiFi hotspot, had it for three years.

  • Vlada

in specifications has infrared but, this phone not have infrared

  • M&B

It's too small and fat

  • Perwin

laodie, 26 Mar 2015can this phone clash of clans?YES Clash of Clans Support :)

  • laodie

can this phone clash of clans?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-308998, 18 Sep 2014and whats the other name of it HTC DESIRE 200 A.K.A ______its name is gtou

  • Hamidst

Is there any custom rom?
I need newer version of Android but i can't find any custom rom.

  • Best-HTC

HTC Desire 200 on ever radio

  • oggy

manuel, 27 Feb 2014does HTC Desire 200 allows Skype and Whassap?ofc it does, the question is will iut work smoodely.

  • AnonD-308998

and whats the other name of it HTC DESIRE 200 A.K.A ______

  • AnonD-308998

is there any custom rom like Cyanogenmod because the stock isnt very good

  • Persian Gulf

This phone has a medium durable battry. It means only about 1.5day stays on for casual using and after that it is highly neccessory that you plug it in charge.
My point to its screen brightness under the sunlight is 8/10 ; its ability to increase brightness under bad light circumstance for this price is good
It has no resist. Glass on its screen but all of its shell and outer screen layer is more than good.
Motion sensors is good
A-GPS chip has enought ability to locking on sat. Signals durable
This cell-phone has a bad automatic signals searching.
It has a 4GB internal memory that only 976MB is free to use.
It has not a secondry camera but its main camera is 5Mp that takes a shot in best lights situation at 6/10 points and in bad lights situation (example: night, party & sunset & etc.) earns 1/10 point.
Its dialing speaker isn't very good in noisy place like bazars and streets & etc. .

  • Persian Gulf

First of all, it is a single core cell phone with 415MB RAM that only about 200MB is free when you turn it on for first time; after installing any application that you can think, the free access RAM is about 130MB.
you definietly need a micro SD Card with at the least 2GB Free Space.
The GPU is Medium class that clear for us that it can not render high resolution density games on it smoothly; beside of that it will crashed because of low RAM

  • borot

SurfeRi, 06 Aug 2014does this phone support 4g network?noooooooooo

  • jack

SurfeRi, 06 Aug 2014does this phone support 4g network?no

  • Mihai

Having no lights at the 3 buttons make it more interesting! everything you see is just the screen! looks great!

  • SurfeRi

does this phone support 4g network?

  • OptimusD

Is soft keys have light on it or not?