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HTC Desire 20 Pro

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Is this phone waterproof?

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021Hey guys just for you know, this device is not made in Taiw... moreAnd does that matter? Couse I wanna buy one. I want to know what concerns you, thanks

  • Anonymous

Hey guys just for you know, this device is not made in Taiwan but it is made in China. I wouldn't buy it if I knew before.

  • Adiyogi

Nittin, 01 Apr 2021Indian Sim use?Dear Friend you purchased 2017 phone now
Haha how will it be updated

  • miguel

Frequency, 12 Jun 2021That is what I'm facing too, sound problems (both in a... moreI think the sound is ok, it's not so good like the one in the HTC ONE A9 or a Bluesound node 2i but very close. I use a Grado SR60e with very good results. Heard much expensive phones with worse sound. Also without headphones, the sound is very powerful. For a phone of this price range is a bargain.

  • Frequency

Sudhakar, 10 May 2021Excellent phone. I've been an HTC user since 2006, and... moreI don't think the sound has excellent quality... are you rating the Pro20 HTC, right? There's nothing like 'excellent quality', unfortunately. A simple change in amplifier could have change that, but usually we cannot do more than we can do... Does anyone know a fairly good sound quality phone? One that I don't need to shout into?

  • Frequency

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2020Have been using the Desire 20 Pro for a few weeks. Thought ... moreThat is what I'm facing too, sound problems (both in and out), complaints like: 'you sound faint...' plus no wifi calling...
The main feature of a phone should be sound, not camera... does anyone know how to send it back, the HTC has no representative in UK; anyway, is there any app that can improve the sound quality?

  • F93

Is the phone loud via the 3.5 mm output? How is the quality via the jack? Thanks in advance!

  • Sudhakar

Excellent phone. I've been an HTC user since 2006, and when I had to buy a phone in 2021, I was a little upset that there had been no flagship launches of HTC since 2018 and that for the first time I had to look for non HTC phones. After considering Nokia, Samsung, OnePlus and Google Pixel it was by accident that I noticed HTC Desire 20 Pro. The price was competitive and went with my gut feel to buy it. I've been using this for about two months and can say that it's an excellent phone. I've seen no lag, the photos are superb, sound quality is excellent, has a headphone jack, battery lasts close to two days and the phone ticks all boxes. The only thing I miss is HTC Sense and the squeeze option. I only wish HTC had marketed this phone better. It's a GREAT phone.

  • Orcs

BOUGHT-BUT-SENT-BACK, 04 Oct 2020I have been a HTC fan for the past 12 years. I bought it fr... moreWelll you bought a mobile PHONE, not a multimedia studio

  • Leebee

Great phone for the price. 250€ for a strong well made phone, cameras are good, screen quality is good and the battery can last 2 days without me having to charge it. For phoning, texting, social media and web browsing it perfect.

  • Nittin

Richie, 13 Feb 2021I bought the desire 10 pro and now I have to throw it in th... moreIndian Sim use?

  • Richie

I bought the desire 10 pro and now I have to throw it in the trash because it is still on android 6.0. HTC failed to update the OS even once. Specs look nice but lesson learned I am not buying the desire 20 or HTC ever again.

  • Anonymous

Nottie, 19 Jan 2021Does is have metal frame?Yes it does.

  • Nottie

Does is have metal frame?

  • Anonymous

kielbasa, 12 Dec 2020No notification LED, no's ridiculousThere is AOD... Just in all specs somehow they miss to note it..

  • Anonymous

the desire 20 is my third htc phone in a row. Had the desire 10 then the U12 life and now the desire 20 pro. The pro 20 flashlight is dim as all hell compared to the U12, the split screen function is still there its just not as easy quick and seamless like the U12. no led notification and for some reason youtube freezes the phone when trying to fast forward or go back and immediately restarting the phone. the keyboard and emoji's were alot less complex to navigate through compared with earlier models. I like htc's in general but they dropped the ball in so many simple ways with this phone

Basically I like Taiwan made products, Because of its Quality, Especially HTC. 100 Times better then other country mobile brands. I am using HTC Desire 816 Dual SIM for past 5 years. Now I am very interested to upgrade my gadget by this HTC Desire 20 Pro. I am from India. Can anyone tell me, when this is Available in Indian Market.

  • Er1710

I wonder if htc sense will be installed on the phone. Htc was supposed to release this phone with htc sense...

  • Anonymous

Great phone,after using desire 20 pro about 4weeks it has many benefit for me with great sense of smartphone ...
battery stands for more than 1day with very heavy usage(with normal usage it stands 2days).
Soc works great as snapdragon in known for heating,no any lag or delay ....
Main Camera is great in daylight and good enough in low light,front cam is great too.
Fast charge help to recharge it under 1hour for one day use.
All apps works great and smooth and i have had no problem with apps/games.
At the end to tell you the body and design is good and feeling very good in your hands and 200g weight is not heavy for daily usage....
If want great midrange go for it with no doubt