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  • Anonymous

Miguel, 02 Nov 2020I was looking to replace my old HTC, not wanting to spend m... moreI have a Desire 20 Pro for 2 months now and honestly am very happy with it. Jack 3.5 is useful, the phone is not hanging and all applications work smoothly. Very good battery of 5Ah, only disappointment is only 1 speaker, I'm used to the stereo dual speaker of HTC. Other than that I would buy it again good price for the quality.

  • Miguel

I was looking to replace my old HTC, not wanting to spend much more than 200 euros or less than 300€, I didn't find any great alternatives in the competition. With a week of use I can say that I was not disappointed. I didn't expect the camera to work so well, there are certainly better, but for the price I doubt it. The screen is very good,beautifull colors, the phone is very solid and robust. It does the basic things of a phone very well, quality of calls very good. Still the bonus of having a radio, NFC, and a very reasonable quality headphone output, this for an audiophile. It has all the important modern functions. Some typical HTC software is missing, or some additional photo functions like RAW or slow-motion, but I also rarely used them. The battery is exceptional. I tried a GT racing game and it plays perfectly. For me, given the price-quality ratio, the best phone of 2020.

  • Miguel


Still very satisfied of it. Quite fast. Good sound quality but mono speaker out. Using it a lot with BT headset, with excellent rendering. Excellent battery and IPSLCD screen. FM radio very appreciable. Cameras also. Rear side is very classy. No 5G!? I don't care for now.

  • Anonymous

Have been using the Desire 20 Pro for a few weeks. Thought it was great so far. Any fellow user facing connection issues with your mobile network? I have 5 bars network in the notifications above, but I see a slash across it. Changed SIM cards, and its the same. (SIM cards work in other phones.)

  • Anonymous

Emybv, 21 Aug 2020Does it have fm radio?Yes


I have been a HTC fan for the past 12 years. I bought it from HTC UK for its good Hardware, but immediately disappointed and had no choice but to sent it back to HTC for its very poor software.
software is a very cheap "Google" phone dominant.
-No Music Player app,
-No Video Player app,
-No Gallery app,
-No independent Contact app,
-No slow motion or Time-laps or any other features with CAMERA.
Contact syncs all the time with Google account, if you log in to your Google account to be able to download apps from Google Play, everything syncs automatically with that account.
No music player, it has "YouTube Music", so you have to download another app to listen to your own music. YouTube Music syncs all your music with Google's YouTube account.
AND, NO GALLERY ! Why ? Annoyingly you have to go to camera and click on photos taken tab to look at your gallery, very awkward.
It does have FM Radio app which is good and a bonus nowadays.
Camera is always wide-angle as preset (.....1.0x ......) it takes time to get hang of it, but you cannot make it wide ( e.g. to 0.5 x).
Torch LED at the back is a single LED and is very dark and weak.
Headphone is very cheap one, like one of those that you get free on "tour-buss", so don't bother.
Flipping to the left brings that "feed" page that you cannot change to what you want. It has been "News Republic" in HTC handsets for ages, I didn't tried it, so might be developed to get BBC, CNN, ABC etc. not sure .
There are plenty more to write about later.

  • Anonymous

Honey, 03 Sep 2020where can i buy HTC Desire Pro 20htc uk

  • Keke

Bring back the replica of htc m8

  • Threewheela

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020where do i buy htc desire 20 pluseBay

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020where do i buy htc desire 20 plusetoren store from singapore.
For European union price is 240 euro.
I bought my HTC U19e form them. Delivery time around 10 days.

  • Anonymous

i know that lazada singapore carries this phone but i wish that this phone was a little bit better but htc is coming back so thats fine

  • Anonymous

where do i buy htc desire 20 plus

  • Richuu

S8Tony, 13 Aug 2020I would love to see HTC back at the top of the mobile phone... moreSame here, with an Orange SPV c500 windows phone then an m3100. A T-Mobile G1, Hero, Desire HD, Sensation, M7, M10... I hope this phone comes on contract with UK networks, it would be perfect.

Anyone know if the main camera has OIS?

  • here

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2020I am looking for where to buy also

  • Anonymous

Honey, 03 Sep 2020where can i buy HTC Desire Pro 20I am looking for where to buy also

  • Honey

where can i buy HTC Desire Pro 20

  • Emybv

Does it have fm radio?

  • nv94

Got it. CPU is enough for all activities and there is no lags.
Battery is awesome. Screen has a good quality. Android is pure. Love it

  • asswipe

Ramsey, 17 Aug 2020You said it bro! It should have at least an AMOLED screen. ... moreBecause my 100e (actually free, shipping took 2wk too long so I got refunded) brandless phone is better in every possible spec EXCEPT camera, but now I got 4x the memory, +2gb RAM. There isnt a phone in existance that's manufacturing, resources would cost more than 200e.