HTC Desire 600 dual sim

HTC Desire 600 dual sim

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  • AnonD-71153

Awesome device !!
And it does have a Micro SD card slot !!!

  • AnonD-71153

AnonD-139132, 23 May 2013No sdcard expension!!! 0.oYes there is.... !!! :)

  • AnonD-123841

720P video recording ? WTF

  • AnonD-139132

No sdcard expension!!! 0.o

  • sand

I just read on pocketnow that it have micro sd card? I don't know whats true .Can you find it!

  • AnonD-125976

i like this mobile htc but add micro sd card slot

  • AnonD-96772

Who is HTC trying to target with this device?

8 GB fixed hard disk space is too low for youngsters who take lots of pictures, store music and install games. Add to this that the OS will also take up space from that 8 GB so in the end only around 4 GB will be available to user.

Power users won't even look at this device.

Screen size and resolution are good for an entry/budget phone. Anything over 210 PPI is good for majority of people with untrained eyes.

Giving a SD card slot would have made this phone a very good deal. I hope the international version includes it.

8 GB very low storage. Look is good & proformance is also good. But if it available at every market then it will goes successful. Price must be not more than euro 180..

  • AJSS

Very advance specifications, good but Cortex-A5, why? Why not Cortex-A9. GPU is Adreno 203, why? Adreno 230 or 305 would be better?

  • Deep

Seems like my next choice, its looks only is enough to make me impressed I hope I can get the new job contract soon.

  • AnonD-125976

verry low memory no micro sd card

  • AnonD-19699

So far another device I would wait for. But they release all new products in Taiwan only. Will wait till they spread this globally. Cheers!

  • shahzad

wow great...........

  • a.h.s.s

its very nice i hope its fantastic..

  • Hash

No card slot??? This is not possible!! Gsmarena look into it!!