HTC Desire 626 (USA)

HTC Desire 626 (USA)

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  • supto

sumon, 18 Oct 2017amar htc 626 android version 4.4.4(kitkat)......ami kivabe ... morecustom rom install kora chara way nai
but ami highly suggest korbo ta na korar
karon 1. Compaitable custom pawa jay na , onek somoy stock rom e pawa jay na
2. Phone soft or hard bricked hoye jawar high probability ache , ar phone bricked hoye gele fix kora tough.

Tai jemon ache temon tai use kora valo
kichu na thakar theke kicu thaka valo :)

  • bm

very bad one..not supporting 4G

  • sumon

amar htc 626 android version 4.4.4(kitkat)......ami kivabe upgrade dibo lolipop version e.....amar mobile softwere update deuar kono function deua nai........plz tell me anybody when my phone is want upgrade.......? and how can i upgrade it......?

  • Anonymous

Bluedance, 29 Jun 2017I love this phone, but lost it and am trying to replace it.... morecricket desire 550 same Dimensions and close spec's with Android 7. At target and bestbuy 79.99

  • Bluedance

I love this phone, but lost it and am trying to replace it. However, I'm finding it may or may not still exist. Does anyone know if HTC still makes this phone? And if so, where to buy it? Thanks.

  • AnonD-657524

look on youtube on how to do a hard reset or resote to factory settings but you will need the origanl owners email to be able to use it

  • Shami

I am using this phone its awesome every thing is perfect good battery timing,clasee camera.

  • Anonymous

My aunt's d626 suddenly shut down and it wont turn on even when you charge it. She said it also showed some blue and green colors that took over the phone's display. What should i do? I cant find the phone's reset button. Pressing the down volume rocker and power button wont work too. Help plz!!

  • Anonymous

I forgot my password and i dont know to unlock it....please help out...

  • navid

most important thing is battery life ...

how much hours work on 3G call ?
or web browsing ??

  • AnonD-475639

Brandnew and Shut off on me when it turned back on i would recive a message saying if i would like too send an error report to HTC about it experiencing an abnormal shutdown.Htc froze and on one side of the screen yellow lines went up and down on half of the screen turned black and shut off and wont turn back on ibe put.on tje charger and still has not tuned on Help Please And i really enjoyed the features and Softwear i think its a great phone but now i cant use it it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2015the model in my shop, duel sim, has a 13mp cameraWhich shop is that?? most of the ones I've seen are 8mp. Thank you!

  • the mistereous clown

I realy like its handset becous so unik feature in this phone and its looking very beautyfull, the whole world in this phone and my htc desire 626(usa) is my life.

  • Anonymous

the model in my shop, duel sim, has a 13mp camera

  • Anonymous

how do we find the settings>mobile networks>ACCESS POINT NAMES????


i will be buying this phone next week eny disadvantages about this phone???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2015Where is the app. Button to open all apsit's the little square with 9 dots arranged in a grid

  • Anonymous

Where is the app. Button to open all aps

  • Anonymous

REALLY disappointed that I cannot find a single waterproof/resistant case that is not a universal bag.

  • Guddu