HTC Desire 626G+

HTC Desire 626G+

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i have this phone but dont use it anymore , bcoz this phone heats up alot and bettery sucks

  • Anonymous

This is the most amazing phone. I have used it for 4 years. Still works fine. Thats why I trust HTC. The best build quality

  • Ashok

I bought this phone in 2016. This phone going worst with time fleets. It hangs many a time. And the commitments to this phone isn't all true...

  • Darko

Owned this phone about 2-3 years now. A catastrophe. After 6 months the screen does not flip anymore when I turn it sideways, the battery lost its capacity (empty in 2 hours) and is not replaceable. Sluggish response. Did I mention it heats up? And finally, apps and download directory cannot be set onto SD card. Highly unrecommendable. A piece of junk if you will.

  • mithun

i download compass to play store but phone said you have not compass sensors
what is this?

  • Amrendra

Worst Phone, slow and hang every time

  • Ashwin

Have been using this model phone for nearly 3 years....Performance has been decent...Only complaint is that the camera quality is not good in dim light settings. ..Also, sometimes it heats up a little but have not faced any performance issues due to this...Battery life could have been improved as well as time taken for charging. ..Software is good, phone is lightweight and good looking too...As for the other bad reviews of this, all I can say is that we should if possible avoid buying mobiles online...Bye Guys..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-649228, 02 Mar 2017can anyone tell me what kind of battery backup it gives aft... moreNO need to worry. Its the best

  • Anonymous

Jazzhands, 13 Nov 2017Okay so I've had this phone for the past about two years an... moreSame to me. Worth every penny

  • AnonD-747249

why this phone is not getting any update

  • Anonymous

AnonD-737073, 12 Feb 2018I My htc desire, 626g+ has a storage problem.... It's 32GB ... moreMy on is not open 4g Lite before what is the problem now

  • AnonD-737073

I My htc desire, 626g+ has a storage problem.... It's 32GB but cannot store 3GB items...
. What can I do?

  • Jazzhands

Okay so I've had this phone for the past about two years and honestly hands down I'd never go for any other brand. Damn like I can't count how many times it's fallen face down or horizontally or whatever. Like honestly HTC phones are just fantastic. HTC keep doing what you are doing 👏👏

  • Anonymous

I use this phn since 2 years. Just battery problem and phn not update...the camera quality is best for day only...

  • Anonymous

My front camera isn't working. I can't change my camera to front camera

  • AnonD-676283

plaese make some updraede version 5 ,1 or 6.00

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to change lock screens on this phone? I like this phone but not the dot view part of it.

  • Rakesh Yadav

deepak, 24 Mar 2017can any one help me in my mobile its accepting memory card ... moreWhen u share apps from lollipop to kitkat,there's the problem came like "no permission".
U need to share apps from kitkat to kitkat android version

  • ASE

Canot use sinhala keyboard on this phone

  • Rumman

M using this phone since 1.5 worked the beginning there was battery issue but after a month battery problem was resolved itself i dnt knw how..(^__^)...hangs rarely..front camera is very noo 4g:’(...and update option did not came since a overalll..i loved it