HTC Desire 728 dual sim

HTC Desire 728 dual sim

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  • Waseem
  • XVi
  • 28 Oct 2023

Play store problem

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    • Anonymous
    • iih
    • 12 Nov 2022

    It's not good..too slow

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      • skumar
      • nCe
      • 23 Dec 2021

      This phone is not good battery is low quality

        On HTC Desire 728 dual sim phone, only first SIM supports 4G/LTE network. The second SIM supports 2G only. Make sure, you insert your preferred 4G/LTE compatible SIM in the first SIM slot and the other you can insert in the second SIM slot. The third slot at the bottom of these two SIMS is reserved for SD memory card. If the SIM tray is missing (since this is an old phone), then while inserting the SIM in the phone, make sure its cut-side is facing up and the golden connecting side facing opposite side of the LCD display screen.

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          • Bhatta
          • BCK
          • 14 Aug 2020

          Not good phone .not receiving call .automatically shuts down .and worst thing it starts to optimize app after restarting the phone and take long time to optimize the app

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            • ahsan
            • X}3
            • 21 Jun 2020

            it has battery problem and battery not available in my country

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              • Anonymous
              • fJD
              • 28 May 2020

              Yes I have thise phone and it's very good know my cell was broken but iwnt repaear my phone because it's work very good

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                • pro player
                • sBU
                • 14 Dec 2019

                john cena, 07 Nov 2019plzzzz tell me ....... i restarted my phone (htc desire 728... moreyep bro i have also this phone optimizing apps is a big problem but bro you have to wait and restarting problem is of your battery

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                  • satya
                  • DkA
                  • 25 Nov 2019

                  KSK, 05 Nov 2019Is the model 3g or 4h4g

                    • j
                    • john cena
                    • utb
                    • 07 Nov 2019

                    plzzzz tell me ....... i restarted my phone (htc desire 728 dual sim) and since then it starts optimizing apps .....after optimizing apps it restarts and again shows optimizing apps.. i also cant switch my device off drains all the battery till 0% ........anybosy reply what to do

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                      • KSK
                      • rJx
                      • 05 Nov 2019

                      Is the model 3g or 4h

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                        • bonoko
                        • Nvx
                        • 24 Oct 2019

                        I will never advice someone to waste money in buying HTC of any model, How can phone went off when incoming call or just operating then it will restart for decades, nkt it really sucks, i feel i wasted my money

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                          • HTC GURU
                          • XAj
                          • 24 Sep 2019

                          Worst Htc device the company has produced over the years, pathetic battery life, very weak screen and just a minor crack on screen results in a black line spreading through the whole screen gradually.

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                            • hola
                            • CAA
                            • 29 Jul 2019

                            its incompatible with google play. this gives alot of headach

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                              • Sean Mc
                              • t7C
                              • 28 Mar 2019

                              It's not the best phone you could get. In fact, one of the worst.

                              I have this phone for almost two years. Nice phone design. I love the internal storage capacity. It can run alot of games smoothly. But on the negative side, it sucks because of its battery problems.

                              At first, the battery was doing great. Then after a long time, it will suddenly shut down itself, eventhough it's still has high battery percentage. I tried to change my charger but it still does the same.

                              I hate when it suddenly goes off. Specially when I'm playing my favorite games. I always lose because of this problem.

                              In my opinion, don't buy this beautiful but trash on the inside phone. :)

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                                • Anonymous
                                • X}$
                                • 01 Mar 2019

                                Indrajeet, 14 Apr 2018I face too many issues with my HTC 728 suddenly swit... moreI love this phone. Never gave any problem.

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                                  • saeedtabesh
                                  • av5
                                  • 18 Feb 2019

                                  warda, 28 Mar 2018it shut off with it's on time and then it doesn't get on un... morethank you for your note....

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • vgM
                                    • 09 Dec 2018

                                    battery drain fast,

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                                      • Nishant
                                      • vQ%
                                      • 06 Nov 2018

                                      Please do not buy; bettery draining quickly, photo quality not proper, mobile automatically restarted during photography..!!!

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                                        • Nishant
                                        • vQ%
                                        • 06 Nov 2018

                                        Please do not buy; bettery draining quickly, photo quality not proper, mobile automatically restarted during photography..!!!