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HTC Desire 816

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  • Anonymous
  • NuP
  • 29 Dec 2021

Mine is not dual sim but has one empty slot which is not supported, what can be to make it function as dual sim? Thanks

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    • watchfan89355509
    • t5x
    • 23 Jan 2020

    BalaG, 28 Dec 2019Best product for cost.. Excellent phone using since April 2... moreI had bought it in local flea market and have replaced its battery with a brand-new one myself. Still in service. Hard to throw it since it hasn't been broken yet. haha

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      • BalaG
      • 7tS
      • 28 Dec 2019

      Best product for cost.. Excellent phone using since April 2014.. Given to service only for few times so far.. After 6 years of usage this week the phone got short on main board and doesn't work.. Going for new phone now.. Thanks to HTC for such a wonderful product design and not make me to spend my money unnecessarily to buy smart phone every 2 years.. Looking HTC to come back with new concept and phones to withstand long time in market.. All the best HTC..

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        • JoeWhoKnows
        • kRJ
        • 12 Nov 2019

        AnonD-875452, 07 Jul 2019I enjoy this handset. I had searched GSMArena looking for t... moreHow did you deal with the bad ESN?

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          • HTCD816
          • YWi
          • 23 Jul 2019

          AnonD-875452, 07 Jul 2019I enjoy this handset. I had searched GSMArena looking for t... moreHTCD816h

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            • Red Oscar
            • qaN
            • 10 Jul 2019

            I have been using this handset for almost 4 years now and I still consider it to be the best phone I have ever owned. The phone continues to work perfectly and has held up well considering it is used each and every day. The only problem I have these days is managing the 8GB of internal memory. As my installed apps increase in size with each update, it gets harder and harder to maintain enough free memory so the phone operates efficiently. If this phone would have been designed with 32GB of internal memory, I quite likely would never have to replace it. And I just love the stereo speakers. I really dread the day when I will have to find another phone to replace this relic from the past.

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              • AnonD-875452
              • Y2Q
              • 07 Jul 2019

              I enjoy this handset. I had searched GSMArena looking for the highest quality headphone output on a cheap phone. I had found a model for $40.99, but I did not have enough. When the price went to $20.99 for bad ESN, I did not get a deal I got a steal. The large screen is very bright for what it is and has accurate colors. The screen is wholly adequate until I used an M8 did I realize how unfocused it was. The BoomSound internal speakers work great and sound better by default than the M8. I unlocked the bootloader and then installed CyanogenMod with root. I installed AINUR Sauron, Dolby Atmos and ViPER4Android. Comparing the sound output to the M8 it is more smooth in the treble, so when using Dolby and ViPER I get sharp s' on vocals without high treble fatigue, and my head dives into the music. Even YouTube music sounds impeccable with Spectrum Extension turned on. The HTC Desire 816 is the best portable media player I have ever used.

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                • Ally
                • ar8
                • 02 Jul 2019

                Best buy !! tears 2015

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                  • empress Tsie
                  • NaK
                  • 28 May 2019

                  i purchased HTCdesire 816 3 months ago and it has lost sensitivity on its touch screen .....this is bad guys do something

                    Jameden, 07 Mar 2019I miss this phone so much, wish I could go back to those days!same here bro

                      Manas KOner, 29 Apr 2018how can i check my htc original or dublicateNo one duplicates it.

                        Remember how I used to love HTC, but now I don't know why I just loving Huawei, I miss this phone as my old good friend it was my phone about 4 years ago, now its in my memorie as third phone whit android, miss you old buddy and those old good college days, you survive everything, you was almost drown in toilet, I split a beer on you, was falling on floor from 2st floor and case saved you...

                          I miss this phone so much, wish I could go back to those days!

                            I remember this phone! It was actually my dream phone when I was 10 years old... So many memories... :). Wish I could go back to those days again.

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                              • hunteer
                              • a3I
                              • 16 Sep 2018

                              i have htc desire 816h but cant move installed app to sd.please help me how i can do it ? this phone not support move 2 sd.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • imj
                                • 11 Aug 2018

                                This phone sucks mad potato. 8gb storage in 2014 is too small so you always run out of space. Oh, but a microsd will fix that right? Wrong. You couldnt install apps on there before 6.0. Then they let you install apps, but they had to be installed on internal memory and moved manually. And if you ever updated any sd apps, they were automatically moved back to internal. If they had just implemented marshmalloe like they were supposed to, then you could merge stirage with sd. But they didnt, and took a year to release a crappy update that did nothing. On top of that, it is a big phone with no benefit over a standard phone. Low res, not much ram, etc. Worst phone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 6p{
                                  • 12 Jul 2018

                                  MESSY , 24 Jun 2018i can htc 816 3g to 4g upgarde no

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • YW2
                                    • 30 Jun 2018

                                    MESSY , 24 Jun 2018i can htc 816 3g to 4g upgarde how???

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                                      • MESSY
                                      • XRj
                                      • 24 Jun 2018

                                      i can htc 816 3g to 4g upgarde

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                                        • Manas KOner
                                        • PEW
                                        • 29 Apr 2018

                                        how can i check my htc original or dublicate