HTC Desire 825

HTC Desire 825

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  • Host mg
  • 0uJ
  • 17 Oct 2021

Battery time limit es dead for date internet + open host. Battery life time is almost 30min, gross, but if I put charger all good, but battery functonality go wors and wors. BAD FOR HOSTSPOT SHARE INTERNET. I use 2 years and battery almost explode. But still works.

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    • Anonymous
    • FbF
    • 05 Mar 2021

    the geniuses behind this phone should be arrested for the abomination they have created

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      • Dodo
      • 7Pn
      • 04 Nov 2020

      It was amazing device back in 2017, still got it as a replacement, working fine.

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        • AnonD-920478
        • AME
        • 16 Jul 2020

        Jb hi fi has one right now for $29. At that price it's a great backup device...

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          • valy
          • sp7
          • 27 Sep 2019

          A crapy phone,,, total loss of money. Shuts down when battery reaches 35.... garbage

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            • Kathura
            • KBS
            • 14 Apr 2019

            Why they made this phone i dont know. It isnt the one u must buy. It totally sucks. U will get better in this price.

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              • Anonymous
              • XFn
              • 27 Mar 2019

              the phone dropped in water, some local technicians are saying the lcd is damaged

                Battery issue occurred within 6 months. Phone turns off when the battery reaches 50%. Google account syncing is delaying, it does not happen immediately even if the phone is on WiFi.

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                  • sdfs
                  • d$Q
                  • 02 Dec 2018

                  This is solid device.

                  I've bought it second hand, first man used it for 2 years, and it works solid even now.

                  Display is big, that is great for multimedia. Phone is noy slow, messenger, youtube, netflix, web browsing, messaging... everything works fast and fluid.

                  For outdoors it's not that great because brightness is not too high. But it's usable.

                  Battery life isn't actually bad, considering it's 2 years of usage. I can get around 3:30 hours of SOT.

                  Sound qualitty via the loudspeaker is okay, it has stereo speakers. Via earplugs is great.

                  Camera is probablly one of few things that are not good on this phone. Daylight shoots are okay (not good) but okay from both cameras. Night shoots are really bad.

                  Overall this device is pretty solid, if you can buy it for low price.
                  I've bought it for 50 euros, and for that, it is great!

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                    • Customer
                    • StG
                    • 28 Sep 2018

                    Device is pretty good, does the job and is a pretty standard phone.

                    However after 1 year of using it, it started having issues with the battery and doesn't charge every now and then. The performance is also getting slower evidently over time. With only 16GB internal space and a 2700mh battery, you're better off getting another phone for it's price that doubles the specs.

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                      • Marko
                      • 84e
                      • 15 Sep 2018

                      After 5-6 months of usage (business purposes: calls, messages, mails, photos) the phone started to have problems with battery. The charging stops at certain time at certian %, and it stays like that until you restart. Sometimes when someone calls you the phone goes into unending vibration loop which is solved, again with restart. One of the things is when you try to unlock your phone via code/pattern and the android/phone decided it is wrong even if your code is 1111, the only way to solve it is.... yes restart the phone.

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                        • ice3gaz
                        • r3H
                        • 27 Jul 2018

                        AnonD-742407, 05 Mar 2018If you need reliable phone this is NOT one you want. It was... moreah need more opions about the phone cuz iam planing to buy it

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                          • AnonD-742407
                          • LHg
                          • 05 Mar 2018

                          If you need reliable phone this is NOT one you want. It was ok in first two months. Than it started to be very slow and not responsive.
                          It been on service two times in two years. First time microphone died and second time motherboard got fried. Both times resulting complete data loss.

                          Gyroscope is so bad that auto rotation is almost not usable. It rotates screen by itself with delay *because its slow* resulting wrong buttons to be pressed further resulting opening and closing applications by itself, sending wrong messages to wrong people.
                          When its cold outside if battery is bellow 30% and you turn on your camera phone shuts down instantly.

                          This phone also like to shutdown randomly when battery is is less than 30% It happened many many times, during talks with clients, during gps navigation (even when plugged on charger)

                          Navigation its terrible as well (tried all apps out there). If you want quickly to search for a street and navigate to it, you better stop aside road and give it some time, cuz for this phone this task takes more than one minute to complete.

                          When you need to receive call you will know it before it rings, it will start to freeze and make weird sounds *flickering cracking sounds from spicker* and than eventually will ring , resulting people who called you asking you why did you took so long to answer.

                          Phone is made of very cheap plastic and it bends.
                          HTC was great company indeed but this phone is maybe ok for someone who have a lot of spare time to waste.

                          Overall impression is very bad, from great expectations i degraded my opinion to this very bad review.
                          Believe me, this phone is worst than my english :p

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                            • Liu
                            • n7L
                            • 22 Feb 2018

                            Good phone for the first 8 months. The selfies are awkward to take because you need to move the phone away from you more than usual.

                            It endured many many small falls (while using a case and screen protector). However, it has eventually failed after one year. The battery only lasts approximately 5 hours with minimal use. Battery is totally gone. I was hoping this phone would last at least 2 years! Very disappointed about this.

                            Overall experience 3/5

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                              • AnonD-710702
                              • mJH
                              • 25 Oct 2017

                              I just got it today as a gift, and I am totally excited. No problems whatsoever since I started using it in the afternoon.

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                                • Gizmo
                                • 6v0
                                • 31 Aug 2017

                                AnonD-585311, 15 Sep 2016Please help Which should i go for? 530 0r 825 Anyone... moreI have the 825 it's rubbish keeps going dead and the battery takes ages to charge some times I would stay away from it.i always used Nokia and am going back to them

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                                  • AnonD-693847
                                  • AWh
                                  • 21 Aug 2017

                                  VAMSI, 11 Sep 2016which phone is better either HTC630 or HTC 825? plaease sol... moreHtc 825 great phone,

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                                    • AnonD-693847
                                    • AWh
                                    • 21 Aug 2017

                                    Hi I had the htc 825 mobile last year,so did my son,I put mine in washing machine by mistake,came out bent,since then have had LG g4,lg g5,but came across my son's htc 825 which stopped working,got him a new one,thought would try htc 825,charged it,and it started again,it does everything I need all my bills games,it also has a variety of covers,so have been looking for a new mobile but,everything I looked at doesn't come close,so going to keep through HTC 825,

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                                      • AnonD-688736
                                      • f}n
                                      • 01 Aug 2017

                                      VAMSI, 11 Sep 2016which phone is better either HTC630 or HTC 825? plaease sol... morehtc 825

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                                        • AnonD-688736
                                        • f}n
                                        • 01 Aug 2017

                                        absolutely fine 4 weeks using, no problem.. Good bettary, good performance, Display quality superb. Previous phone was nokia 3, htc is way better than that. i was trapped for buying nokia 3 for the goodwill of nokia then immediately sale that phone and bought htc. I'm satisfied.