HTC Desire 826 dual sim

HTC Desire 826 dual sim

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  • Tk isaacs

Vt, 04 Dec 2019This phone is too fake it does not use other chargers and it hit... moreI just
bought the phone, hope I haven't made a mistake

  • Android Enthusiast

It was a pain for me a year back. After that I rooted it and read articles all around the internet, I found I can freeze this phone's annoying htc apps with Titanium Backup. Now I'm using this without any heat problems and everything is now in my control. It's okay phone now, battery have now 2 times more juice than before. Also, we don't have any custom roms for this phone. But root + xposed gives you many functionalities & you just get used to it!

  • Vt

This phone is too fake it does not use other chargers and it hits so fast they lied that its 16gb yet its only 9gb it charges for 10hrs untill full and batrey takes me for only 4 hrs and you can imagine its only 4 months old

  • M

The camera is not opening! It shows camera has stopped! And now it shows whatsapp has stopped! Oh god! Such a worst phone!

  • Anonymous

Nish, 13 Aug 2017Same with me bro 😭Lol.....yes

  • chirag

worst phone ever it gets hots easily

  • emmy

it get hot when in use which is bad and would not grow up your firm

  • Varu

Very very very worst phone in the world
I don't know what happened to a globally ranked
Brand HTC to make such a bad phone.
The phone heats like if we touch it will burn the hands
When I went to the nearest service center they told that
It will cost up to 12000! To repair the phone
WHAT A BullsHitttttttt

  • Boss

Really it's a nice phone but though it has problems

  • aman

I had used this shit for almost two years ...worst phn ever ....right from the first day it started showing Problems . Nothing was good about this phn
Sometimes i was chatting With someone it got switched off and was very can't be switched on for hours sometimes
In the end i had thrown this shit on the wall and bought a new vivo phone...I would suggest anyone to buy Motorola Nokia Samsung ...even vivo phones are far better than this crap

  • Guna

My mobile not working Bluetooth,mobile data,Wi-Fi its please solution

  • Anonymous

I can fix the over heating issue
just turn on the power saving mode
since it has a an SD615 it normly runs on the big 1.7 GHa cluster turning the power saver will force it to use the LITTLE,1.1GHz cluster
just keep the phone clean and cool and DON'T use the device right after resitting nor turning of the power saver
and watch out for the battery heat

  • Anonymous

Have had enuf troubles with it.....kindly up the game!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-752408, 16 Apr 2018My ph is locked it keeps showing up ( Sense Home has stopped une... moreyou have to reset the device

  • AnonD-752408

AnonD-749302, 03 Apr 2018Such a worst Handset i have ever seen.How the Makers of HTC ha... moreYes this is a dumb ph I've had trouble since I got November.

  • AnonD-752408

My ph is locked it keeps showing up ( Sense Home has stopped unexpectedly. An error report will be sent to HTC to help us improve our products.) An has been for three days now. Help me fix it or refund me...

  • GIRI

HI,am using this mob since 2.5 yrs . device is nice and nw am facing a facing a prblem vth the battery, where can i get the battery ? I enquired service centres in kerala I couldnt find.So can u please suggest any online delivery portal to get this.

  • AnonD-749302

Such a worst Handset i have ever seen.How the Makers of HTC have done a huge mistake.The mobile is very very bad.In case of Perfomance it is highly Worst.Mobile is getting Heated if we use continously for 15 minutes.we can make rotis egg omlets on backside of mobile.within a year i got trouble about software update.after that slowly mobile was getting hanged for evry small use.suddenly mobile got switched off.i went to HTC care near ameerpet.they have said that problem is with MotherBoard.It costs equal to mobile Price.They(HTC care Labours) not even responding Politley.26000 per year for a Useless Handset.Please Dont Dare to buy such idiotic Mobiles

  • Roshan Braganza

Display is good and clarity , fonts and shapes etc , it's very unique to HTC phones . But camera is average and videos r very poor . Speaker positioning is unique and battery is again poor . HTC custom apps r fantastic , but my model had hanging issue . Despite 2GB ram , it used to freeze at time and go to 5 percent to 0 percent battery . When what's app messages pop up , it used to freeze and not restarting as battery is zero . Again I have recharge it , don't know it's a HTC issue or my particular phone model had this issue . Do not work with jio sims

  • Rikhi Raj Giri

i am using this mobile 826 desire from two years but before it is working good , now a days its getting very hot and battery drain fast and for data cable could not support from mobile to laptop.
so could you please help me for this trouble.

Thank you