HTC Desire 826 dual sim

HTC Desire 826 dual sim

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  • Anonymous
  • u7p
  • 04 Apr 2022

Mbeya, 17 Mar 2022I have imported HTC DESIRE 826 PHONE IN TANZANIA. After ins... moreyour imei is blocked

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    • Mbeya
    • fuZ
    • 17 Mar 2022

    I have imported HTC DESIRE 826 PHONE IN TANZANIA. After inserting my SIM cards the device does not detect them. It displays that " no service" please help me how can I make my device work?

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      • Anonymous
      • vcB
      • 11 Jun 2021

      how to disable kid mode in htc desire 826 dual sim reply me

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        • Arvi
        • v{u
        • 23 Apr 2021

        HTC user, 14 Apr 2021I cooked 2 steaks on it today and it was deliciousLMAO

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          • HTC user
          • C8@
          • 14 Apr 2021

          I cooked 2 steaks on it today and it was delicious

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            • Anonymous
            • F0y
            • 18 Feb 2021

            Over heating

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              • Damith
              • IWS
              • 17 Jan 2021

              I used it as a hotplate😁😁

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                • Imran
                • 6p{
                • 11 Jan 2021

                Sir i want flash file for ophc100 d826w

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                  • Rishi India
                  • fCM
                  • 22 Sep 2020

                  I make noodles everyday on back of it .. Else everything fine!! Too hot to handle..

                    • PKM1
                    • gNZ
                    • 30 Aug 2020

                    Aswathi, 02 Jul 2020I can't use jiosim in htc826. Please give any solutionCheck your Jio Sim card and setting.

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                      • Aswathi
                      • ypY
                      • 02 Jul 2020

                      I can't use jiosim in htc826. Please give any solution

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                        • HTC USER
                        • rKh
                        • 09 Jun 2020

                        AnonD-749302, 03 Apr 2018Such a worst Handset i have ever seen.How the Makers of HT... morelol........thats true i sent this phone to the service centre but they were also not able to repair the phone.............thats discusting and thats true we can make noodles at the back it turns to be heated after eevery single use

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                          • Tk Isaacs
                          • xtS
                          • 07 Jun 2020

                          Well, I'm enjoying the phone though. I got a charger that suits it correctly and it's working fine for me. Except for the battery that doesn't last long.

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                            • Provakar
                            • PEq
                            • 29 May 2020

                            Worst phone ever. After 6 months of buying, camera, WiFi, bluetooth, Hotspot got bricked. Phone doesn't have atleast 2 hours on-screen stanby time! After 30 minutes of using, the phone will claim the heat of sun. Charging speed is too too slow even if I have only stock apps installed!!! Phone shuts down unexpectedly after the battery level comes to 75% or 80% and mainly it will shut down when you will make heavy battery usages. Although, it was a very bad experience...

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                              • Tk isaacs
                              • xtS
                              • 13 Dec 2019

                              Vt, 04 Dec 2019This phone is too fake it does not use other chargers and i... moreI just
                              bought the phone, hope I haven't made a mistake

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                                • Android Enthusiast
                                • KSu
                                • 12 Dec 2019

                                It was a pain for me a year back. After that I rooted it and read articles all around the internet, I found I can freeze this phone's annoying htc apps with Titanium Backup. Now I'm using this without any heat problems and everything is now in my control. It's okay phone now, battery have now 2 times more juice than before. Also, we don't have any custom roms for this phone. But root + xposed gives you many functionalities & you just get used to it!

                                  • V
                                  • Vt
                                  • XBt
                                  • 04 Dec 2019

                                  This phone is too fake it does not use other chargers and it hits so fast they lied that its 16gb yet its only 9gb it charges for 10hrs untill full and batrey takes me for only 4 hrs and you can imagine its only 4 months old

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                                    • M
                                    • YQS
                                    • 22 Oct 2019

                                    The camera is not opening! It shows camera has stopped! And now it shows whatsapp has stopped! Oh god! Such a worst phone!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • uwD
                                      • 04 Jun 2019

                                      Nish, 13 Aug 2017Same with me bro 😭Lol.....yes

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                                        • chirag
                                        • U@R
                                        • 17 May 2019

                                        worst phone ever it gets hots easily