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[deleted post]Dont worry mate,
it will be available by end of this month.
Besides who knows maybe the Desire HD will get the 2.3 update (Gingerbread)

Everything is possible.


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sunny, 09 Dec 2010i gave my old Desire to my wife and she uses and loves. I have ... moreDear, go as per the below instruction, and ur lag is over..:)


  • jl

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2010menu, settings, language and keyboard,touch input, text input, u... moreThnx alot!! It helps :))

  • King Bradley

sunny, 09 Dec 2010i gave my old Desire to my wife and she uses and loves. I have ... moreAs for the lagging problems, you might want to turn on USB debugging mode :) it solves that.

  • sunny

i gave my old Desire to my wife and she uses and loves. I have new HDH and it seems to lag and not as snappy as far as the tuch screen goes. Battery life is not the best i charge it in the car. Does anyone have that problem and what would help as far as lagging is concerned.

  • jaytee

pliz some1 tell me what is a Dual Desktop Sync Charger Dock???

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gizmo, 08 Dec 2010ALWAYS same : when i decide to buy a good phone , there is comm... morehahahaha, you r right. Better to chose one, otherwise you will end-up watching the phone evolving.


  • gizmo

ALWAYS same : when i decide to buy a good phone , there is comming new better one . example i decide to buy DHD but now i saw phone with DUAL CORE PROCESSOR and i love it . if i wait for that phone new one will come better and better . this is shit TECH . im thinking to go with SYNAPSE PHONES to choose phone´s hardware by my self .

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Ness, 08 Dec 2010Hi mate, First, I think it is WORTH to mention that I came fr... moreThanks you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much for the great & brief review about the king HD.

Definitely, will buy one by the end of the month.

What most were concerning me is ( Screen & Sound Quality ) & after ur review, now i am satisfied with HD.

Best Regards

  • khoza_m

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2010Hi Hi, What is a battery format? My phone (desire) cant last for... moreHow to format battery:-

1: unbox and start using it straight away.

2: Use the phone till there is about 10% battery left.

3: Charge the phone for about 10-12 hours.

4: Repeat step 2,3.. ABOUT THREE TIMES.battery formatted

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Ness, 08 Dec 2010Hi mate, First, I think it is WORTH to mention that I came fr... moreHi Hi, What is a battery format? My phone (desire) cant last for a day.. any advise?

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I don't understand why everyone is praising this phone... it was a HUGE disappointment. I loved my nexus one, and I thought of upgrading it to a desire HD because I wanted an even bigger screen. the screen is big alright, but resolution matters! think twice before just considering the size. the same 3.7 inch screen with 480x800 resolution is just fine, but that same resolution on a 4.3 inch screen doesn't cut it. especially when looking at contact photos, they just get blown up and the pixels are really noticeable. on top of that, the screen is just LCD, which sucks even more. most of the colors are grayish. compared to the first generation nexus ones which used amoled screens, this one SUCKS. the only good thing about this phone is it comes with android 2.2 and the beautiful htc sense, and it is fast. oh it's not well built at all, especially when compared to the HD2 or nexus one. the back cover which covers the sim and sd cards can be pushed down, causing it to cave in. and the battery cover flips up on the top and is really loose when there's a battery inside, but really tight when there's no battery. the camera is capable of taking really good pictures sometimes, but you have to adjust it, and what sucks is after if takes a picture, it looks really bright, but when you go back to review it, it becomes grey. THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING THIS PHONE!!!

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jl, 08 Dec 2010can any kind soul teach me how to off the vibration while textin... moremenu, settings, language and keyboard,touch input, text input, untick 'vibrate when typing', should be the 6th option down

  • whags

oni69, 07 Dec 2010In the country where I live and work, htc Desire HD it cost only... moreoni69, are you sure its only HK$ 4,900 cuz i bought mine @ Fortress HK$ 5,500 :( shit!!!! i wished i wait few more days it dropped HK$600 , that's alot of savings indeed

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[deleted post]saqib - hang on - probably a week at max. 35k is what i hear. Warranty is a must with the fragile back cover.I'm not succumbing to the temptation of a grey mkt piece as yet - even though price is similar

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This is one awesome phone! Very satisfied with it. Caught myself staring at its glorious screen today.

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Anonymous, 08 Dec 2010how good this phone to compare with iphone 4 , nokia n8 , and bl... moresound through speaker is awfully low needs a fix real quickly

  • jl

can any kind soul teach me how to off the vibration while texting a message? Thnx!

  • Ness

0v0, 07 Dec 2010Cool mate, Congrats. The most important review we want: 1)-... moreHi mate,

First, I think it is WORTH to mention that I came from an iPhone, so I got RID of my iPhone and its limitations, and now I'M FREE!

Regarding to your questions, here is my review:

SCREEN: First of all IT IS Mind Blowing! Forget SAMOLED OR SLCD, whatever people say out there! The size and resolution of screen makes you to forget other things! It is simply Perfect screen, also the proximity sensor work great :)


With Headphones: Again, mind blowing, just like Home-theater, and don't forget I had iPod in my iPhone so I think I can make the best comparison, so with headphones sound quality is simply perfect!

With Speaker: Not so bad as I thought when I was reading comments from others, it is on par with iPhone, BUT BUT, there is something as you know DOLBY MOBILE and SRS SOUND!
SO: You MUST set DOLBY MOBILE setting when you listen music from SPEAKER, and you MUST set SRS SOUND when you listen to music from Headphones!
why I say MUST, is because SOUND QUALITY depends so much from this settings! so DON'T FORGET THIS ADVICE!

Will it be enough if I say this phone has MUCH BETTER browser than "iPhone"? I think this is much worthy than explaining more!

MUSIC INTERFACE: ON PAR with iPOD! Everything you expect frm music player: Playlists, artists, genres, all songs, Cover-flow, equalizer, DOLBY & SRS sound! AND AND, so worthy to mention IT IS FAR FAR EASY to add songs to Desire HD than in iPhone (iTunes sucks) I just Copay and Paste musics from my pc to SD card of Desire HD! :) this makes me so happy :)

APPLICATIONS: I didn't have so much time to test so many apps but until now that I got some apps they are just as perfect as in iPhone! Really :) and there are SO MUCH FREE apps than in iPhone :)

SENSE UI: OH MY GOD! Now I blame my self why I was using the BORING iOS! there is just SO SO MUCH options and possibilities to customize this phone, everything you can set just as you want it! Ringtones, notification sound, alarm sound, wallpaper (even live wallpaper), folders, skins, scenes, etc etc! :) so far so Happy :)

CAMERA: WOW! since I got this phone I forgot where I left my Digital Camera! REALLY! Just imagine 8 megapix., flash, and lots of Effects, AAANNDD HD Video Recording :), also the UI of Camera is so Fluid and easy to use, everything is where it must be.

CALLING: Crystal clear voices! yep! :)
I was playing Bowling last night and the ambient was so noisy BUT when I answered to my phone I was hearing the voice so Clear and much more interestingly the other side was hearing my MUCH CLEARER, because of Active Voice Cancellation! :)

MESSAGING: Great messaging, it is so easy to write with HUGE keyboard! and because of the screen size it is much more easier to write in Desire HD than in iPhone :) and don't forget the """SIZE"" of keyboard in LANDSCAPE MODE!! WOOOW!!! :):):)

BATTERY LIFE: I don't really I don't know why some people keep complaining about the battery life! There is NO such a thing as battery life problem with this phone! and also WORTH to mention I DID a BATTERY FORMAT! it really works :)...and I say that YOU must be happy with ONE DAY (24h) usage with single charging cuz' SCREEN IS HUGE and it consumes the most of the battery!


If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask me, you are always welcome :)


  • Anonymous

In Portugal where I live and work, HTC Desire HD it cost 679,90.