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  • DB

It's a good phone the only downfall are the following:
Battery life
Can't use downloaded mp3 music as your txt messaging notifications. However you can use downloaded mp3 music as your ringtone. Other than that it's a good phone far better than Iphone4.

  • simon

lovely phone but volume is awful i cant hear it when in slightly noisey area and the mp3 player is soooo low even in no noise area..i hoped the latest software update may of helped but no joy worst luck, is it down to batches? as i had desire that was bad too but wildfire is great dont understand it....i emailed htc awaiting reply but i dont hold out much joy lol...

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if the android 2.3 gingerbread update will make the dhd screen look any sharper or more colour as i see its rumored to support higher pixels

  • ShaneX

if some of you are having problems with the DHD battery or lag, try the usb debugging mode, its said to make the device much faster and remove all lag and make the video capture smoother...

In order to turn 'usb debugging mode' ON go to: menu >> settings >> applications >> development

  • Mobilemaster

Droid Terminator, 18 Nov 2010That your opinion and i respect it but it was sony ericsson with... morePlease let's forget Sony Ericsson for now. I am no longer a SE fan! I respect them, but I don't really want a SE phone. The only one phone I still like, is the Satio, because of it's camera and design. I like Motorola too, I hope GSM Arena will make a review soon of the Motorola Milestone 2, and Defy. :D Defy is a very cool waterproof phone, which I like. :X :D

  • Anonymous

MFK, 13 Nov 2010I am very Very Very Very disapointing from HTC.... Even after a... morethen buy yourself a new tablet. stop complaining about it

  • andreipack

desire htc, supposed to have SLCD? not LCD? I heard that he will have SLCD....

  • HTC user

Best phone ever till this date

  • Milance

Matt, 17 Nov 2010No lagging whatso-ever on my DHD and I've got quite some apps in... moreSame as me.. No problems, eve dough I have 5 gameloft games approximately 100 mb each and about 10 apps..

  • Milance

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2010Does it have the same problem with the other HTC phones with the... moreNo, it does not! Pics are clean! Video maybe does not satisfies me, but it is ok, 720p is good!

  • Milance

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2010if you know, does this phone have any office application install... moreOf course it has! Even can edit:D

  • chris leep

After many years fairly much consistently sticking to Nokia devices with the odd Sony Ericsson in between I am so pleased to be joining the HTC fold with a Desire HD and continuing to avoid following recent trends of switching to the iPhone! Android is such a dream compared to the painful and out of date Symbian OS that Nokia keep throwing out on it's phones.

I love the fact that the device works straight from the box, it's hypersensitive screen is great, spent too many years with multiple presses on Nokia/Ericsson screens before anything happened! there's even a forum for the desire hd, can't believe it.

It is refreshing to be able to tailor the device exactly to my needs and the Market place is better than expected.

Was worried about the battery life, have always charged my phones overnight and I am not seeing this one discharge to quickly......although it is frightening to see the drain that the display has as a percentage of total use! I guess that's what happens with bigger and better displays Smiley.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone. ive been using it for about a week now and i havent had any complaints. It is probably the best android phone up to date. Quite fast as well. magnificent camera. I also have the HD 7 but after trying them both out, i liked this one much better.

  • King Bradley

[deleted post]The estimated price is php 47k, and some shops here said it will arrive at the end of the month. Actually I did ask HTC at SM north and they said around 2nd week of November but obviously it's not here yet. So I'm guessing 1st week of December :) But I'm gonna look in Greenhills first and then I'm gonna pm you if I have any news

  • Anonymous

no way finally I'm free with the htc desire hd, best device planet earth created :(

  • desire HD

I can offer DHD unboxed for 600euro

  • DAve D

Truly a beautiful phone, let down by an under powered battery. From fully charged, in a 5 minute car journey, the battery life fell to 95%, with everything off (Bluetooth, WiFi, gps and unneeded apps).

By the time I had finished work, after less than 15 minutes use, just browsing the news, and no calls or texts, the battery was flat.

Shame, I could get used to this phone. But if the battery cannot make one day when new, what is it going to be like after a year?

  • ProjectCM3

I just got the Desire HD yesterday from Vodafone Netherlands. I am extremely happy with it. My previous phone was the HTC HD2 and I have to say that visually speaking, there isn't much of a difference other than the fact that the Desire HD has touch sensitive buttons vs. the HD2's actual buttons. Additionally, the display seems to be a bit better. Where I do see the difference is in the speed. The Desire HD seems to exploit the Snapdragon to a greater extent than the HD2 did.

In short, it's a better, faster, stronger and better OS running HD2!

Does anyone here have any hints/tricks/suggestions they would like to share?

Thanks in advance.

  • John GT

The phones pretty good does what it should do and a lot more besides. Having a good laugh at the nerdy comments ref the benefits of the Nokia v the htc - sad bastards. It's only a phone!!!!!

  • milance

Matt, 17 Nov 2010No, no continues autofocus. You can focus before recording, but ... moreDude, don't tell false stories! It does not have con focus but can be adjusted at any time during recording by pressing the screen on what you want to be focused! I am DHD owner