HTC Desire S

HTC Desire S

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  • mojtaba

Its just nexus one with sens

  • sohail

Similer phones....

  • g4vysd


  • Harsh

Better than HTC Desire, I am gonna buy this..:)

  • Denzo

No S Amoled...? No sale for me. That is one reason I liked it better than iPhone 4 ( the Desire original).

Has to have the good screen.

  • A

ANOTHER HTC android phone!

No one saw this coming!

  • Anonymous

Adreno 200 ?


  • Anonymous

better display? SLCD at 3.7 inch sounds like same as Desire Z, it doesnt get much better than that. Easily beats the SAMOLED in color reproduction unless extreme brightness is used. I hate the blue tint on SAMOLED where it should be white, not to mention the pink distortions Nokia AMOLED is buggered with. I need to see one perfect AMOLED cellfone before i am convinced, and it seems i have to keep on waiting for that. SGS was a big disappointment, great contrast and brightness but ridiculous color reproduction.

  • AnonD-248

Huh..1st. Hope this one will come with dual core processors.. & a better display..

  • quetzalcoatl

Finally! A HTC phone of decent size (i'm fed up with 4 and 4,3" phones from different manufacturers - they are all just too big for an everyday use), and with decent specs and screen. Just what they lacked until now. (that is, if most of the specs are true)
A phone in between Wildfire and Desire, something I was hoping they would make. It seems it was worthwhile to wait a year to get a new phone.
Thanx, HTC.

  • sachin kundu

wow nice features!!!!

  • aaptk

great, same phone just with android 2.3
buy buy buy