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  • Young Intell
  • Qch
  • 16 Jun 2022

If Elon Musk uses it, it obviously has some good features...

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    • Salim
    • sR4
    • 25 Sep 2018

    I have been using this phone since April 2015. I had a good expereince with it. I would rate it 6/10.
    Here are somethings I noted,
    -Camera, low performance in lowlights
    -Display 444ppi
    -LTE (that you cant use without Verizon sim)
    -Low Battery life, 2020mah
    -Low storage, 16gb
    -Ancient OS, kitkat
    -Cant use LTE without verizon sim
    -Can't share data network(hotspot)

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      • Mbogo from Tanzania
      • Gw{
      • 31 Jul 2018

      Master, 05 Oct 2017I've had millions of phones but this one is by far the best... morethis is the best phone ever 3years with it i have never regret

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        • Anonymous
        • gFx
        • 26 Mar 2018

        rahul, 04 Oct 2017hiiii acutually i have a problem that how can i use gio 4g ... moreYou can't. This phone doesn't support VoLTE or the necessary LTE bands for jio.

        This is a verizon device and intended to be used with verizon.

          I never knew there was a phone with a 1920x1080 screen that was released BEFORE 1st January 2013. You learn something new everyday :D.

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            • Master
            • 6v0
            • 05 Oct 2017

            I've had millions of phones but this one is by far the best i;ve ever had. its fallen on concrete floor so many times that the screen is held together with superglue around the edges and clear sellotape on the screen so the pieces of glass are held together. Its like a tank. And softwarewise it never crashes, never needs restarting. Of course it has few minuses, this update screen is always coming up and its impossible to update it and as well as someone else said, the 4G is locked, other than that i lile it a lot.

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              • rahul
              • vx}
              • 04 Oct 2017

              hiiii acutually i have a problem that how can i use gio 4g sim in this mobail. plese help me out.

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                • Melis
                • p$a
                • 28 Jan 2017

                Hi! I really like this HTC DNA but my problem is- locked or blocked when I wanna enter it says Enter your username or Google account I lost my Google account, everything my videos fotos inside how can I get in pls help

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                  • Anonymous
                  • q97
                  • 27 Jan 2017

                  Waleed, 22 Jan 2017I am using it since last one and half year. Pathetic batter... moreYou bought a phone from 2012 that's worth $60 now, what did you expect? Phone was great when it came out.

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                    • Waleed
                    • f}m
                    • 22 Jan 2017

                    I am using it since last one and half year. Pathetic battery timings plus 4g is locked. Audio jack is screwed. Graphics are oky but poor battery timings are the worst issue. Wont go for htc again :(

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                      • Fadiga
                      • fuv
                      • 01 Jan 2017

                      tosin, 19 Aug 2016Hi pleaser I would like you to tell me how you rooted and u... moreHi I will like you to show me how you rooted and upgraded your HTC droid Dna

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                        • pri
                        • fCF
                        • 29 Dec 2016

                        how i use 4g plz bta do..???

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                          • AnonD-623572
                          • t@G
                          • 29 Dec 2016

                          i am getting my ussd code in chines or korian but my phone language is in english .plz help
                          my gmail is

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                            • AnonD-615283
                            • Ktm
                            • 29 Nov 2016

                            go to
                            menu in the center of home
                            adjust in grey with blue
                            go down
                            select the picture with letter A in sky blue with square white
                            first item is the language
                            first item is english , second is spanish

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                              • Cayo
                              • CAX
                              • 26 Nov 2016

                              Please help me how to switch my ussd on my droid DNA to English is appearing in Chinese

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 7Jx
                                • 14 Nov 2016

                                I've used this phone since 2013, and love it. Its still working without much of hitch. The charging port is starting to wear out, but still works, but that happens to all phones, and with the Samsungs I've had in the past, it always happened much much sooner, like after 1 year. This phone is great, rugged and reliable

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                                  • AnonD-606973
                                  • BYn
                                  • 06 Nov 2016

                                  jean nerva, 11 May 2016I live in Haïti, i love that phone but i have a big pr... more

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                                    • gourav yadav
                                    • rKT
                                    • 28 Sep 2016

                                    zap, 17 Dec 2015Tom, you need download an app called 'kingo super user' fro... moreHow to use 4g in my phone

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                                      • AnonD-590349
                                      • B{P
                                      • 27 Sep 2016

                                      it is 4.4.2 not 4.2 its a good mobile

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                                        • mose
                                        • NYd
                                        • 17 Sep 2016

                                        my phone keeps hanging everytime,I need soln,anyone cn help plzz