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  • Black Adder

I have this from christmas 2011 and it`s still working well. First battery started to swallow last year so i had to replace it with a new one, found an identical very cheap. Dropped down on the street many times , still working, just a few small dents on the edges. First one though got me scarred so i`ve put 2 screen protections on it (just to be sure) and this way i`ve resolved another problem - the touch was too sensitive before, it kindof felt my finger even before i was touching, not anymore after placing the 2 screen protections one over the other :) O had a few problems with BS softs from gogole play market that were keeping my CPU accelerated to max and drained the battery fast - resolve : uninstall them and used pure apps from other places without adds. Don`t let it in the pocket pressed to your body in the hot summers, as the touch will become wild when moist gets into the touch part of the screen. After you let it out dry it will run perfect again. I have more 3D movies inside the 32 gigs mSD card , found on the net, exactly the resolution of the EVO3D, and i love to watch them without stoopid glasses. They are huge, like 3-4 gigs each and work only with the basic player of the phone.

  • george

bought from ebay and my digitizer has problems the screen has ghost touch and is sometimes touc doesnt work if can tell me any advice

  • a. nonimus

Abel , 26 Jun 2015dear htc pg86100 mobile owners please help me how i ca... moreStick it in the hole and push in until it clicks

  • Anonymous

Abel , 26 Jun 2015dear htc pg86100 mobile owners please help me how i ca... moreRead the manual

  • Anonymous

nikey, 11 May 2015I can't update the software??? There is no option in HTC EV... moreGo to settings,about phone,software updates

  • Abel

htc pg86100 mobile owners
please help me how i can insert the Sim card. because of this problem i can use it this mobile. so pleas replay me As soon as possible.
with my kind regard

  • mohamed inshaf

i am inshaff i have a 1of phone
probam in housing how to tak pls
triply him

  • nikey

I can't update the software??? There is no option in HTC EVO 3D...its really make me sad..coz I can't use latest applications!!!! Ple help me

  • ROOT

I have a problem with my Bluetooth when I start bluetooth my phone reboot automaticallyI don't know th source of the problem. If yu can help me

  • Anonymous

sourav125, 23 Mar 2015I have also bought this phone as second hand. can anyone su... moreExcellent battery Seidio HEV3D 4000mAh battery

  • deepak

how can i unlock my htc evo 3d cdma(sprint)

  • JimR

I've owned the HTC EVO 3D for a couple of years. My carrier is Virgin Mobile (Sprint) network. It only has 3G speed, but it's a nice phone. It compares favorably to the specs on the Moto E that is being advertised on the new Total Wireless system. It's a dual core cpu with 1 gig of RAM, and it takes up to a 32 gig memory card. I find the size just about right, and it has the feel of a much more expensive phone. The 3d mode on the camera is gimmicky, but it sets the phone apart from all the other plain vanilla cheapo models out there. Music sounds good too, and the display is easy to read.

  • sourav125

I have also bought this phone as second hand. can anyone suggest what battery should be replaced this mobile original 1730mah battery because I need more powerful battery . also my phone is hanging too very frequently .Wht is the solution of this problem? plz reply me anyone using this Mobile

  • chari

ivy, 25 Aug 2014Does anyone else have problme with bluetooth? It keeps rest... morei also have that problem. please give me the solution if you have already solve that problem....

  • Tibs

I bought this phone as second hand for cheap few months ago. I unlocked the bootloader myself very easy, rooted it, installed a ICS custom ROM on it, and OCed it to 1.5Ghz i have only one thing to say.... Its a hell of a phone, no random freezing up, no glitches, and responsiveness is awesome. I put on it a 32Gb Samsung EVO class 10 microSD card. Only thing died is a battery while it was with previous owner.
Now i buying 2 more for my parents. They have difficulties with Xperia-s (as did i)

  • suresh

amazing phone evoooo 3d... its rocking .... 3d photos and videos are awesome....

  • guinzo

AnonD-354895, 22 Jan 2015HTC stands for High-Tech Computers ,but it really mean High... moretoo bad this phone on the unexperiened and idiot owner.

Im personally satisfied with all feature of this phone.

just a lil disapointed gsm version not ready for 4G LTE n internal storage only 1 GB, cdma version much more better with 4 GB storage and 4G ready(sprint bundling)

  • AnonD-354895

HTC stands for High-Tech Computers ,but it really mean High-Tech Chinese Crap.This phone puts a greater meaning to the word lemon. Poor battery life . constantly freezes up. Very .unstable, randomly sends calls to messages with allowing user to pickup, only partly notifies user who call. Sometime the phone actually functions well this is merely a carrot given so you will put up with it's bad behavior. I've done so for over a year. On the bad side, on a score from 1 to 5 this is in the minus category . Don't believe me? Check out the reviews "Laptop Magazines " list as one the worst smart phones of all time along with the HTC Cha Cha,and the HTC Wildfire. Like I said HTC,... High-Tech Crap!

  • akash bhilwar

this phone is very useful for me and also suggest for every one

  • Guinzo

Does this shooter 4g lte ready?