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  • anon

This could have been best phone ever , but with such low internal storage you are at mercy of your SDCARD , what a FAIL of a phone.

Most likely can't play MKV also.

  • AnonD-4607

chipset used is 8260 not 8660, 8660 is CDMA version and 8260 is UMTS version

  • AnonD-763

This what i call it a phone...thank HTC for such a phone..will wait to get it.

  • stondec

Was considering this thing, but only 1gb of internal memory? Too bad, that's an absolute deal breaker for me. I adamantly refuse to spend my money on any phone with anything less than 16GB of internal memory (64GB and above is preferred)
I'll be holding out for the Samsung galaxy S II

  • Rip

Nice device! It would have been the ultimate smartphone if only it had an 8mp cam...

  • AnonD-4353

OMG! this is pure awesomness!

Jeroen, 25 Mar 2011So is THIS the european version then? :PYes, this awesome phone is for Europe as well, and for Asia too I think. :) HTC made a great job. By the way the internal storage is not so big, but the phone comes with a preloaded memory card. This is the competitor of the LG Optimus 3D. :->

This is the phone I am waiting for!!! It is for Europe as well!! :) It's the fastest phone on Earth, with the 1.2 GHZ Dual Core CPU.

  • Jeroen

So is THIS the european version then? :P

  • Anonymous

nice keep it up. produce more like this........

  • jet

Gonna be kiff when it comes out

  • Anonymous


  • Murad

Awesome Specs !! But ...This baby could've been so much better with the tegra 2 processor & 1.5 gig ram

  • Murad

Awesome Specs !! But ...This baby could've been so much better with the tegra 2 processor & 1.5 gig ram

  • Soulburner

Really... really... really... i cant understand... how they can create a such amazing mobile... an outstanding mobile.... with 5mp camera????????? come on...... why not a 8mp camera??? and why not work on camera like SE with Exmor????????? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

This mobile should come with a great camera like desire HD!!! =\

Shame on HTC!!!

  • Anonymous

well would you believe it! they are actually bringing this to europe, & here was I thinking they were releasing the north american version!