HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G

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  • Anonymous

The phone is good thats been cleared htc users mainly hd2 users can understand wat htc is...the phone is avlble on ebay for 30000 but thats been locked by sprint just wait n that will b avlable unlocked or you can buy it n get it unlocknd in yr own country

  • Sam

Only 65k.very poore.come on guys I know u can do better than that.

  • naji

what aboout its battery life

and da actual price

  • Tina

These are problems of this phone :
It is thick
It is Heavy
Its diplay is very old (TFT 65K)

  • RaX*

i am the f*****g htc god

  • ms pink

How about a good choice of colours, like pink?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2010its true about phones on camera higher megapixel is not always ... moreRemember lens only makes the effect better not the pixels,pixels are something much different from effects,and also dont not compare the quality of picture on the mobile scree,just check it on the screen of Your Computer then You will feel the difference and i do accept the quality of iP4 is best but this is poor and still cannot resolve its signals problem and asking for help still from Nokia,Samsung,HTC etc...

  • Htc wildfire

its big and heavy sorry -1


OMG 1.3mp front cam ??!!! 8mp prim cam ?!! 4.3" ohhh my god hope i can get it

  • Anonymous

HTC EVO 4G vs. Motorola Droid X Review

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]no we cant.. gsm phones only..

  • mansur billah

trust me my names mansur and i love this phone in n4

  • Anonymous

man those who are talking about I phone 4G,i will say its bullshit,the worst phone ever,a real signal looser,asking for help still,and those who compare the 5MP of I Phone with Evo then do understand that what does the Mega-Pixel means,you talking silly,just first read about pixels that what they are? and i personally use I phone,believe me i throw it to my younger brother,HTC is amazing and the best phone.


This is GSM ARENA, why do they have a CDMA phone on there site!@!? Like seriously man you guys will put anything up. It's not a GSM phone so it have no right being on the site.

  • giggo meamo speak lo

---, 09 Aug 2010Please just stop spamming about comparing the EVO to the iPhone ... morelol you are right

  • Anonymous

What is the audio codec for 720p on this foPr

  • Anonymous

its true about phones on camera
higher megapixel is not always the best
e.g compare a samsung full HD TV to a Hitachi Full HD TV and you will see the difference
The Carl Zeis lenses that Nokia use are probably the best quality vids and pics on camera phones so when someone says that the iphone 5mp is better then HTC 8mp, it can potentially be true.
Iphone is not as powerful as HTC evo in many ways but apple really knoe how to use their hardware very well, in some cases there may be flaws and the same may go for HTC. HTC have always had a different target market but with the android software they want to bite into apples target market. Software and apps wise apple is Miles ahead, when apple say theres an app for almost anything, surprisingly enough, they're actually telling the truth however when it comes to browsing the net HTC evo does have a slight advantage over apple, being flash enabled and slightly faster... but only slightly.
For those of you who are considering getting either phone, dont go on anyones oppinion because they both have ups and downs, go into a store and get a feel of both, ask for a demo, and see which 2 feels better for you

  • skyy

Best Phone Period especially with Froyo, if you rơot this phone, this give you mobile HotSpot for free. No attenna issues and the plans is 79.99 with unlimited talk text and data...Screw Iphone, I sold mine on Ebay.

  • Hart

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2010Brother a blind man can decide it obviously iphone4 is better i ... moreuWBC...your website review is nothing more that a crap...i also read that when iphone is on losing end the reviewer easily escape "ah were talking of phone here not multimedia device" were in the world you compare an 8 mega to 5 mega even here at GSMArena do not do such stupidity...

  • Anonymous

livin, 09 Aug 2010will it work in india if bought from usit is a cdma, no sim card.