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This phone is barely, if at all, different compared to the HTC Wildfire S. What was the point?

  • Anonymous

I had my htc explorer before and it was working very fine till 2021 even I rarely use it it starts right up with no issues and it was only missing a power button key,charging is still okay minus the volume keys since it dosent like to be lowered down and it has to be scrolled down for it to appear at the side of the screen overall its a good phone

Bernt, 02 Aug 2018Still going strong. Using it every day. Rubber is getting b... moreWhy? This wasn't even a flagship phone at the time of it's release! I don't know how you can keep your sanity with using this phone! Also, if you don't even use the smartphone features then you're better off using a feature phone!

  • Bernt

Still going strong. Using it every day. Rubber is getting brittle but the phone works flawlessly. Got it when it was released.

  • Bruce Vigneshwaran

i am using 6 problem was found still working but battery life was low...overall performance is good.....

  • AnonD-729997

It's cute with the design.

  • Anonymous

Going for 35€ at the moment in Germany. It‘s the cheapest sealed android phone I could find. Is it good?

  • Ayush

AnonD-497933, 06 Feb 2016i love my htc explorer vry muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... moreRead this page on XDA :-

  • DileepDigital

omkar, 06 Dec 2016is it compatible with 4g sim -airtel; reliance.currently i ... moreNo.It works with only 2g and 3g sim

  • munnymahajan

sam, 01 Jan 2016When software udgrade this phone..Htc explorer software online

  • omkar

is it compatible with 4g sim -airtel; reliance.currently i am using tata docomo gsm sim-2g and 3g in this handset.please clarify.

I need a new battery. Where i can get it in Kolkata?

  • Ram

battery is getting discharged quickly , giving only for 6-7 hrs a day . Even I replaced with a new battery .

  • Syed

Best phone ever had since 2013 no problem yet even tha baatery is original and not yet replace giving 2 days battery timings on 3g . Totallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy awsoooooooooooooooooooooomeeeeeee

  • vj

Zahra, 22 Oct 2015i have upgrade my htc explorer to andriod version 4.0. but ... morejust download official firmware from htc websitwe and aply

  • Mathi

Akshay, 17 Jul 2016Using since 2012 still loves it :)me too :) ... stepped in 5th year

  • Rama108

Bought this phone April 2012. Still going since day 1. Only thing I had to do was twice completely dischage the battery completely then recharge, since twice the battery would empty after half an hour, but that was the battery not the phone.

Does anyone know of software I can use with this phone? Would love to interact with this phone via my PC.

Love this phone, hope it lasts another 4 years.

  • Akshay

Using since 2012 still loves it :)

  • shiv

any thing happens if other charger using to charge the phone?

  • Prajwal Naik

happy hTC Explorer user since 2013. no problem yet. i banged it a number of times as i got annoyed but the rough & tough body is just superbbbbbbbbbb......................