HTC financial report for February 2016 shows record low revenue

Vince, 07 March, 2016

HTC outed its financial report for February with some grim numbers. Revenue for the month was $128 million (NT$4.2 billion), less than half than the same period of 2015 - $261 million (NT$9.2 billion). Worse still, the revenue is 35% less than it was in January, which traditionally is a slow month after the Christmas holidays.

Sadly for HTC, this is just another month in a series of poor financial performance. For Q4 2015, the Taiwanese phone maker reported a net loss of $101 million (NT$3.5 billion). Revenue for the period was $766 million (NT$25.7 billion).

The company retains an upbeat mood however. The upcoming HTC M10 flagship will carry a new dose of hope for turning the company's fortunes around. The phone will be announced on April 19, according to recent rumors.

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  • AnonD-268646

Just as what I've told you before, haters would point out even the dumbest things they've could think of, even the speaker alignment. Hahahaa.

  • AnonD-509687

This is the dumbest, most petty thing I think I've ever someone complain about... Give me a break, dude..

  • AnonD-268646

Yes aesthetically speaking the speaker grill should be align by any means. But then again in every phone have you tried to open the cover to see the inner ear piece? Most of the brands only had a fake wider holes just to have a nice finishing. The sp...