HTC Flyer Wi-Fi

HTC Flyer Wi-Fi

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  • mohan

wh, 21 May 2011it could be better with 10" screen.10 inch tablet is to heavy. but 7inch is good.

  • Sayed Afridi

In my Eyes this tablet is one of the best tablet in the world... i cant explain it with My mouth. thank you.

  • the truth teller

SD, 27 May 2012I purchased a HTC flyer and after about 6 or 7 days started havi... moreHow do we know u dont work for apple or samsung or basicly any one of htc competitors?

  • kuzack

worth buying this gadjet

  • John

I have been using this for a year now. Amazing build quality, handy design, excellent battery life. No problem whatsoever. Initially, it had a tremendous price tag, but they dropped the price since then. Android is resource hungry, yet the Flyer handles anything well

  • Sajahan

I have been using my Htc flyer for last 6 months without any problem. Its really fantastic and nice tablet. Wifi signal, sound quality, browsing speed and screen resolution is just awesome. Only the problem I have found is to sync it with pc is so slow. Other then that its a nice tablet device with this price.

  • SD

I purchased a HTC flyer and after about 6 or 7 days started having issues with Signal and internet connectivity. I was however only able to take it Back to the shop 4 days later. I waited for the device to be repaired and when I came to collect the same problems was experienced. The lady in the store called someone that handles the repairs and was informed that the main board had to be replaced after just 10 days on my brand new tablet. I made it clear to the shop attendant that it's not acceptable as it must be factory fault and I do not want something that's been panel beated as I paid for a brand new fully working device. She informed me that there was no more stock in South Africa thus I requested a refund. She phoned the sales director Clyde to get authorization but he didn't want to know anything as he said it was past the 7 days which I feel is unacceptable as it was beyond my control. After having to argue in store over the phone with him for close to an hour he agreed to a refund upon his MDs approval or trying to get me a new unit from an alternative store. I have been left in the dark and its now almost 2 weeks ago. I keep phoning him but he just doesnt pick up my calls. So warning to all if you get the bad apple of HTC you are in for a exspensive ride thus I rather just stay away from them. No wonder in SA they are rated the lowest seller.

  • aakib ajmeri

Ahmed, 24 Dec 2011ipad2 or HTC Flyer ??nice on bro

  • aakib ajmeri

i havent seen this kind of tablet on this price segment

  • m.h

wh, 21 May 2011it could be better with 10" screen.bigger screen...more expensive...

  • Anonymous

Hey y'all. I'm a little worried about this single core. Is it as fast as a dual core cuz i've heard that it actually is and will this single core do the same work after 2 years of usage for example?

  • htcloveriphonehater

i m thinking of getting one this rtablet looks awesome better than ipaid 2

  • Anonymous

online poker supported and easy to use?

  • Ahmed

ipad2 or HTC Flyer ??

  • Anonymous

My flyer is outstanding. It loads webpages faster than my laptop most of the time with the Dolphin HD browser. It can use all of the apps I already bought on the android market for my phone too, and it runs every game I have tried flawlessly. I might get the pen later if the price drops, but not having the pen hasn't made this tablet any less awesome.

  • Anonymous

simba tirth, 27 Nov 2011hey this teblet has android market..? And hows it bttr... moreIt can make calls through skype on a wifi connection. It can't use a SIM card. It is WiFi only.

  • simba tirth

hey this teblet has android market..?
And hows it bttry life ?
And can it make call or sms/mms through sim card?..plz hlp me frnz...thnx in adv..


GPRS ought to be included in all htc phones.

  • bas

I am very happy with my HTC.

  • AnonD-28947

CLEMENT, 27 May 2011Y Flyer using Ginderbread instead Honeycomb is suitable for tabl... moreFlyer using Gingerbred because Honeycomb will not work with HTC sence