HTC HD2 goes to T-Mobile USA, gets a hotfix and ROM flashing

08 January, 2010

We've known for a while that the HTC HD2 is headed to T-Mobile USA, but now it's official. Also, there's a hotfix available that allows the HD2 to display SIM contacts and flashing custom ROMs has become much easier.

But first things first - back in December, WMExperts uncovered that the HTC HD2 will be going to T-Mobile USA, supposedly getting released in March. Now, HTC have confirmed that the HD2 will be exclusive for T-Mobile, but the release date is a bit more vague - they call it "this spring". You can sign up here to receive email updates on the HTC HD2 for T-Mobile.

Now about that SIM contacts hotfix - it seems that HTC HD2 phones with ROM version less than 1.59 do not display SIM contacts properly. The hotfix mends the problem without the need to flash a newer ROM. The European version can be downloaded here.

And finally for the custom ROMs flashing bit. Up until recently the SoftSPL was the only available method for using custom formwares on the HD2. Now the must-visit site for all HTC phone owners, XDA-Developers has a tool - HardSPL - that allows you to flash any official and unofficial ROMs on your HTC HD2. The tool is still an unofficial thing, "at your own risk" and "possibly warranty voiding" ordeal, but if you were thinking of flashing your shiny HD2 with the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROMs, this is the safest way to go.

Source: HTC, XDA-Developers


Reader comments

  • Ben

That's right. HTC Leo and HTC HD2 the same

  • Anonymous

no. this is htc leo

  • Anonymous

I also hope that the phone is available for upgrades to family plan subscribers.