HTC Leo could be called HD2, oh and there's a video of the UI

26 September, 2009

The HTC Leo has been churning in the rumor mill for quite a while but it's all coming to an end - it's launching in October. On the list of rumors we've assembled for today there's a new name, price and even a video of would likely be the TouchFLO version that the device uses.

First up, the name - Leo is just the codename and we already reported a rumor about the device being called HTC Pro Three, but now a new candidate for the official name has appeared - HTC HD2. This one makes more sense, as Leo has more to do with the HTC Touch HD, than the Touch Pro2.

There are two sources for the price - are reporting a price of about 550-600 euro (800 dollars) and the guys at Engadget have a photo of a brochure from O2. The brochure shows two things - O2 UK are getting the HTC Leo and more importantly, it comes free with the O2 1200 tariff (45 pounds a month or just over 70 dollars, 18 month contract). Their tipsters have the Leo landing in the UK in October 12th.

Meanwhile, PocketNow offers the end of October as a release date in the Netherlands. They've done even better - they managed to snatch a working ROM of the latest build of TouchFLO 3D v2.5, which is quite likely going to end up the running on the HTC Leo, HD2 or whatever they call it in the end (previous builds have been tested before).

Here's the gist of what's been changed - it's more colorful (color icons, animated background, etc.), email and calendar have been improved and there's Facebook and YouTube integration, plus Twitter and Footprints tabs. What they couldn't test was the multitouch capabilities, which are coming to the HTC Leo, thanks to its capacitive touchscreen - a first for Windows Mobile. However, they say Internet Explorer Mobile doesn't support it.

Here's the video of the ROM, running on a Touch Diamond2:

Source:, Engadget Mobile


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